We’ll save you money.
You save the planet.

Take advantage of your exclusive CommBank staff offer to access cheap wholesale energy prices and accelerate Australia’s shift to 100% renewables.

(Remember to use your CommBank email address to sign-up)

Amber app on an iPhoneAmber app on an iPhone

Big energy companies have had it their way for too long.
Those days are over.

Access to electricity at wholesale prices, which are typically lower than the Default Market Offer (the government's reference price for energy) and more transparent. Start buying direct today.

Here's how we make it cheaper and greener.

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We give you the wholesale* rate

*Wholesale prices in chart above are based on actual prices over the time period 1 July 2020 - 31 June 2021, for the Melbourne postcode 3000.

Retailers just make up their prices

*Wholesale prices in chart above are based on actual prices over the time period 1 July 2020 - 31 June 2021, for the Melbourne postcode 3000.

As a CommBank staff member you get extra benefits^

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12 months subscription free
($180 discount)

$100 credit

A guarantee that you'll pay less over 12 months than you did with your previous energy retailer (exclusive to CommBank staff).

That’s a $280 discount on top of the savings you can make on your energy bills by making more empowered decisions about how you run your home.

What our customers are telling us

Energy efficiency

"I love energy efficiency, renewables and watching the transition from fossil fuels and so being able to manage my use of power according to the price and time has been fun"


Great savings

"The first two bills have proved that even a small household of two adults like mine with below average energy use can still save money with Amber"


Everyone should join

"Good customer service. Amazing pricing strategy. Solid environmental philosophy. It may take a little time but I think everyone will eventually move their electricity to this retail model"


Fabulous customer service

"Brilliant concept, fabulous customer service and an opportunity to budget with green power"


Hear from some of our happy customers.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no lock-in contracts.

Access wholesale energy prices now.

Join Amber today

(Remember to use your CommBank email address to sign-up)

Need to know more?

How do I claim the guarantee?

To be eligible for the guarantee, CommBank staff members must be an Amber customer for a full 12 month period and your connection address with your previous electricity retailer must be in the same local network area. At the end of the 12 months if you would have paid less with your previous provider’s plan, you can send Amber your previous supplier bill and Amber will calculate what you would have paid with your previous provider and refund the difference.

To apply for the credit, send your last energy bill from your old provider to info@amber.com.au with the subject line CommBank staff guarantee and Amber will pay you within 28 days. 

What happens when my free subscription period ends?

Once your initial free-subscription period ends after 12 months, you’ll roll over onto the standard Amber subscription rate of $15 per month. This $15 subscription fee ensures you have access to Amber’s wholesale pricing and is the only way that Amber generates revenue - rather than by charging you a retail mark-up on the energy you use. 

This subscription fee will automatically be charged to your linked credit/debit card. With no lock-in contracts and no exit fees, you can cancel at any time. 

Why isn’t my CommBank discount code working?

Firstly check that you're using your work email address to sign up. There are restrictions applied that will not allow you to sign up if the correct email domains are not being used.

For any further issues applying your CommBank customer discount code or signing-up to Amber, contact Amber’s helpful customer service team. Just hit the big green Support button below on the bottom right of this page.

Can I share this Amber discount with friends and family?

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm, this offer is only available to customers who have received it directly from CommBank and the discount code is uniquely linked to you. This means only you can redeem the discount and it’s valid only once. 
This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria. However, you're more than welcome to invite others to join Amber by sending them this link.

See all Amber FAQs

Offer of 12 months’ free subscription and $100 credit applies to the first 1,000 CommBank staff members who complete the sign up and switch energy providers. This offer is only available to CommBank staff members. For further Terms and Conditions please visit https://www.amber.com.au/terms

Amber will guarantee all CommBank staff who sign up will save over their first year with Amber compared to their current electricity plan. If you would have paid less on the plan from your current provider over 12 months, send us your old bill and we will credit you the difference.