Exclusive CommBank staff discount. $250 welcome credit*

Join Amber using your staff email address and '3CBA250' coupon at sign up to receive $250 welcome credit over 6 months.



With Amber, you can take advantage of times when energy demand is low or when lots of renewables are powering the grid.

By shifting your heavy usage appliances (like washing machines, pool pumps or electric vehicle chargers) you can save more on your energy bill – as well as support a brighter, greener future for Australia.

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CommBank staff save $750 on


At Amber we work with a network of trusted partners to deliver a quality and competitive quote for your solar and/or battery system.

Amber helps reduce your payback period of your solar and battery.

For more information on purchasing solar and battery packages, click here.

AFTER INSTALLATION, Amber will send you a link and coupon code to sign up, ensuring you receive your welcome credit.

why is amber great for you?

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Lower your electricity costs by only paying the true market price for energy with no retail markup.

No lock-in contracts

  • Flexibility to change plans or providers without penalty.

Daily usage in-app

  • Get a better understanding of your energy usage and costs.
  • See your 30-day usage history.

Daily renewables forecast in-app

  • Plan and adjust electricity usage based on renewable availability and prices.
  • Support a greener grid by using energy when it is mostly fed by renewables, which is better for the environment.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Store energy when prices are low and use/sell when prices are high.
  • Lower costs when supplementing battery with grid electricity.

Multiple automation modes for your battery

  • Optimise energy storage and usage based on varying conditions.

Ability to manually control your battery

  • Tailored energy storage control for specific needs.

Daily insights for battery usage in-app

  • Better understanding of battery usage patterns for optimisation.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Charge vehicle during low-price periods.
  • Potentially huge savings on EV charging costs.

Daily usage in-app

  • Monitor and manage EV charging patterns for cost optimisation.
  • Better understanding of energy consumption for EV charging.

Pull prices, forecasts and usage via an API

  • Integrate with smart EV charging systems for optimised charging.
  • Develop custom applications or dashboards for EV energy management.

Daily renewables forecast in-app

  • Plan and adjust electricity usage based on renewable availability and prices.
  • Support a greener grid by using energy when it is mostly fed by renewables, which is better for the environment.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Optimise solar energy usage during low-price periods.
  • Lower costs when supplementing solar with grid electricity.

Access to wholesale feed-in tariff prices

  • Potentially gain higher returns for excess energy fed back into the grid.

Daily renewables forecast in-app

  • Optimise the use of solar generation based on renewable forecasts.

No restrictions on the size of your solar system

  • Flexibility in system design.
  • Potential for greater energy production and savings.

Our mission is to transition Australia to 100% renewables

We're firm believers in the power that everyday Aussies have to make a positive climate impact.

Our reliance on expensive and unreliable coal and gas has been behind one of the worst energy crises our country has ever seen. But within this crisis is an opportunity: the chance to rethink the way we power Australia today to transition faster to a renewable future.


No. of solar batteries in Australian households

If every solar battery automatically charged with greener, cheaper energy and exported power back into the grid when demand peaked, they’d earn $962 (plus help put coal and gas in its place).


How much we’d shift to solar battery owners in a year

By exporting power when the energy grid needs it, you can shift cash away from coal and gas. That’s more earnings for you, lower bills for Aussies everywhere, and less cash for coal and gas (yay)!


Amount of carbon reduced in no. of cars taken off the road.

That’s right - 150,000 automated batteries could save the equivelent of 100,000 cars worth of C02 entering the atmosphere. So, are you ready to help accelerate the renewable revolution?

Access wholesale
energy prices.

Use COde 3CBA250CBA700SB At sign up

You must use your CommBank email address when signing up.

Join Amber

Eligibility Criteria - CommBank Staff $700 Solar and Battery Offer

CommBank employees may redeem this once-off offer of $200 credit (applied as a bill credit over 6 months) plus $500 off the installation price of a solar and battery system by meeting all eligibility requirements including:

  • Purchase via Amber either a solar and battery system, or battery to add to an existing solar system
  • Sign up to Amber with the correct coupon code AFTER your installation.
  • You must use your CommBank email address when signing up with Amber and enter the promo code CBA700SB 
  • Offer available to new service customers only who complete sign up before 30 June 2024 in areas where Amber is available, including NSW, SE QLD, VIC, ACT, and SA
  • Domain email addresses that will be approved are @cba.com.au, @colonialfirststate.com.au, @cfs.com.au, @bankwest.com.au, @eChoice.com.au  
  • Not available in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount 
  • You are free to cancel at any time without charge, however cancelling your service within the 6 month promotional period forfeits any remaining discounted months
  • The provision of your service will be subject to Amber’s standard terms of service and policies available at https://www.amber.com.au/terms
  • Offers are limited. Amber and CommBank reserves the right to remove this offer at any time


Amber is a new type of energy  provider designed to unlock the value of renewables. Our mission is to shift Australia to 100% renewables faster. Go beyond offsetting and use more renewable energy. Amber is headquartered in Melbourne.

This exciting partnership was born out of CommBank’s recognition of the important role Amber plays in moving Australia towards 100% renewable energy - a goal we both strongly believe in. By joining forces in this partnership, we will work together to help more customers to shift their homes onto renewable power and save money on their energy bills. Commbank are also looking at how they can help save customers money with their everyday bills and commitments, and this partnership with Amber is just one of the ways they are continuing to reward their customers.

You'll receive a notice one month prior to your discount ending reminding you that your next month's bill will not show your CommBank staff discount.

Firstly check that you're using your work email address to sign up. There are restrictions applied that will not allow you to sign up if the correct email domains are not being used.

For any further issues applying your CommBank customer discount code or signing-up to Amber, contact Amber’s helpful customer service team. Just hit the big green Support button below on the bottom right of this page.

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm, this offer is only available to CommBank staff.

However, you can direct your family and friends to the CommBank Yello hub in the CommBank app for all offers available to CommBank customers.

This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for the guarantee, each CommBank staff member who is transferring to Amber must:

1. continue to be an Amber customer for a full 12 month period;

2. be at the same connection address or in the same local network area as registered previously with previous electricity provider;

3. at the end of the 12 months if the customer would have paid less under their plan with previous electricity provider, the customer should send Amber a bill from their previous electricity provider (if they haven't previously).

Amber will calculate what the customer would have paid with previous electricity provider and refund the difference between their actual Amber bill and the amount they are likely to have paid with previous electricity provider.

To apply for the credit, send a bill from your previous electricity provider to info@amber.com.au with the subject line CommBank  staff guarantee and if you are eligible, Amber will credit your next month's bill.