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What's on our mind

A collection of articles, thoughts, and energy-saving tips from our crew here at Amber.
The unusual price spikes of May 2021 and how Amber customers were protected
How we protected our customers against May 2021’s price spikes
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Tech @ Amber: It all started with a very large AWS bill...
While our customer base was growing each month, our DynamoDB costs were anything but linear. What was going on?
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What drives the wholesale price of energy higher or lower?
There are a few key factors that drive the wholesale price up or down in the short-term. Learn more about them here.
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Why wholesale is safer with Amber
Even in the case of an extreme weather event, Australia—and Amber—has strong protections in place to keep Aussie households safe from runaway bills.
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Keeping your power bills low during lockdown
Many of us are working or studying from home during lockdown - and we’re all thinking about what this means for our power bills.
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How the bushfires, climate change and the energy market are connected
This summer has already been incredibly difficult for Australia, and we still have several weeks to go. Find out how you can help.
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How to save during price spikes
Find out how we help you save during those rare times when the wholesale electricity market suddenly climbs.
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Supporting renewable energy resources
Keeping the climate on an even keel seems overwhelming, but there are actions we can all take to support renewable energy
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Saving money with Smart homes
Smart home automation has been promised for years and it’s finally on the way. This means that everyday Australians have the power to make their...
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Thinking About Going Solar? Here’s What You Need to Know.
Solar sounds great. You install the panels, you generate power, it’s better for the planet and better for your wallet. Right. That’s all true. What...
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What You Need to Know About Electricity Prices
Turning on our lights and powering our lives is a wonderful thing. Getting our electricity bills generally is not. The way we pay for our power is...
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