Big Energy has a Big Secret...

Most energy companies buy power at the wholesale rate but then sell you a “plan” with a big retail markup.

But Amber isn’t like most energy companies. Instead we give you direct access to the real-time, changing wholesale price of energy for just a flat $19/mth subscription fee.

Shrink your bills with wholesale prices
Save more by using energy when renewables flood the grid
Go further with smarter saving tools, bills and insights

What makes Amber better?

Wait… Energy prices change?

You got it! The wholesale price of energy goes up and down throughout the day. You can save even more with wholesale by shifting when you use your power hungry appliances (heaters, AC, washing machines – that sort of thing) to these greener, cheaper times. Better for you and the planet.

Track your energy with the Amber app

Save with cheaper wholesale prices while supporting a greener Australia
Easily track your usage, prices, and renewable forecasts with the Amber app
Keep saving simple with in-app billing and custom price notifications
All with no retail markups for just a flat $19/month subscription

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subscription fee

  • Access to wholesale energy prices
  • Our app to view live wholesale prices & forecast
  • No lock-in contract
  • Carbon-neutral and GreenPower plans available

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