about amber

Amber Electric is a new kind of electricity company, designed to unlock the value of renewables for everyone. We are kickstarting a smart energy revolution by empowering customers with direct access to wholesale electricity prices, as well as enabling them to shift their energy use to times when cheap wind and solar energy are generating.

It is the cheapest way to buy electricity and the fastest way for Australia to reach 100% renewables. We have early customers who love what we’re doing, great investors, and we have just launched to the rest of the National Electricity Market - ready to disrupt a huge market.

our culture
and values

The company we're trying to build is one where everyone:

  1. Knows the work they personally do has impact and purpose
  2. Is constantly challenged to grow and given opportunities to do so
  3. Feels like they are part of something bigger than themselves
  4. Is inspired by their colleagues to continuously get better
  5. Feels safe to take risks
  6. Can be their true selves at the office
  7. Is given the space to do a job right
  8. Takes incredible pride in their work, but is not all consumed by it