The Smart Energy Revolution has arrived

We have launched in VIC, QLD, ACT, NSW and SA.

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A future-focused move

Congratulations on moving to a new home!
By ticking energy off your move-in to-do list with Amber, you’ll not only have one less thing to do before the big day, you can rest easy knowing you’re making a smart choice for your financial future and our climate 🌏

Why Amber?

We’re a new type of home energy provider that lets you have your cake and eat it too - by using power that’s cheaper AND greener. Get access to electricity at wholesale prices that drop when there’s more renewable energy in the grid - empowering you to save while doing right by the planet.

We give you the wholesale* rate

Retailers just make up their prices

*Wholesale prices in chart above are based on actual prices over the time period 1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021, for the Melbourne postcode 3000.

Let’s get your power sorted.
Your future self will thank you for it

Even if you are a few weeks or months away from moving into a new home, it’s not too early to put power on your ‘sorted’ list. Just let us know your move-in date and we can make sure you’re connected when you arrive.

Our customers say it best

Traditional retailers offer fixed rates, contributing to energy costs being one of the biggest household expenses. With access to electricity at wholesale prices through Amber, you’ll join a community of empowered Aussies choosing to do home energy differently - and help move Australia towards 100% renewables.

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Go greener and tick power off your to-do list

Whether you’re looking to move next week or in three months, there’s never been a more important time to take advantage of Australia’s best kept secret: cheap renewables.

With Amber you can go beyond the carbon offsetting offered by other green energy retailers and use more energy when renewables are plentiful in the grid.

It’s the best way to save and support a faster shift away from fossil fuels.

It's easy to switch your energy

It takes less than 5 minutes to start helping transition Australia to 100% renewable energy:

Step 1
Sign up online in less than 5 minutes.
Step 2
We contact your provider so you don't lose power during the switch.
Step 3
You're ready to enjoy Amber! Download the Amber app and access live prices.
Step 4
During the 10-day cooling off period it's easy to switch back if Amber is not for you.
Not moving just yet?

Let us know your move-in date when you sign up and we’ll make sure the lights are on the day you move in.

We back our mission with a guarantee:

For a $15 a month subscription, you get access to wholesale electricity prices and the Amber app which enable you to shift more of your energy use to when power is both greener and cheaper.
Unlike other energy retailers, Amber makes exactly $0 on your energy usage. And we guarantee you'll never pay more than the Default Market Offer on average over a year, or we’ll credit you the difference.

There’s no lock-in contracts, no exit fees and no nonsense.

We are now live in VIC, SA, NSW, ACT, and SE QLD.

In just a few minutes you can make a huge impact on Australia’s transition to 100% renewables.

Common questions we get asked

I’m not moving just yet, can I still sign up? 

Even if you’re not moving into your new property just yet, still click "yes" when asked if you’re moving in to your new property. All you have to do next is give us the date that you would like electricity connected at your new home. To make sure the power is connected when you arrive, it’s a good idea to choose the business day before you move in. Make sure you give us at least three business days notice before the date.

Do I need to do anything to get ready for the power being switched on at the property?

If you are moving into a property in Victoria, you must make sure the main switch on your new property is in the OFF position on the day of your planned connection. If you can't get to your property before the connection date, it may be a good idea to ask a real estate agent or property manager to do this for you, as we will not be able to complete the connection if the main switch is ON.

Do you offer Carbon Neutral or 100% GreenPower Plans?

Amber’s whole model is about going beyond offsetting, to incentivise and reward people for shifting WHEN they use power. With Amber, you are empowered to use energy when it is greenest (and cheapest). In the meantime, the best we can all do is offset any remaining unavoidable carbon emissions from our electricity use. We have two plans to choose from to help you do that: Carbon Neutral plan (default plan) and 100% GreenPower plan. Learn more about our plans.

How does Amber make money?

The big energy retailers earn their money via the retail markup they add to the price of electricity. They make more money when you use more electricity, and when your bills are higher. What’s good for them is bad for you.We reckon we’ve found a better way to do things. We charge a flat $15 subscription fee to cover the cost of running our business, so we can focus on one thing - helping you lower your electricity bills by unlocking the value of cheap renewables. No hidden costs, no contracts, and no exit fees.

Do I need a smart meter? How much does it cost?

Having a smart meter enables you to see detailed usage data in the Amber app, which means you can be charged the exact wholesale electricity price for your usage as at each 30min interval, so you can be rewarded for using power at cheaper and greener times.

Without a smart meter, we can only pass through the typical wholesale rates in your area, because we can't see the times when you used power.

We attempt to install a smart meter for every Amber customer who doesn't already have one. Around 90% of the time we're able to successfully install a smart meter at no additional cost.

But for 5% - 10% of customers there may be some additional works required to create a safe environment for the meter install to take place. If this is the case, we'll explain any additional works that are required, and their cost and you'll always have the option not to proceed and to remain on a basic meter or interval meter if you choose, and will continue to receive Amber's typical wholesale rates.

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