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What’s your solar really worth?

When you're with Amber, you don't get just any feed-in tariff.

Our real-time FiT reflects the actual market value of power in your area – which goes up and down throughout the day. Earn the true value of your solar exports and say goodbye to hidden markups and inflated costs.

Why choose Amber for Solar?

Wholesale solar energy

Earn the true market value of your exports with our feed-in tariffs that change based on grid demand.

Transparent pricing

We don’t profit off your usage or exports – you pay and get paid what your energy is worth.

From just $19 a month

Unlock wholesale pricing, energy insights and price tracking with our flat subscription fee.

Amber's dynamic fit

Amber treats you like you’re a big solar generator, meaning your feed-in tariff varies along with the wholesale price of energy. When the wholesale price is high, your FiT is high. When the wholesale price is low, the FiT is also low (and can even go negative).

is amber right for you?

We believe Amber's real-time FiT is the future of solar in Australia. But not everyone is a good fit for a real-time FiT. You’re likely a good match if you:

Import from the grid more than you export

Have a solar battery

Want to support a greener energy grid

how it works

Track your live solar FiT

Keep an eye on your live solar feed-in tariff throughout the day.

Stay up-to-date

Access live energy wholesale prices, get forecasts, and receive push notifications tailored to your preferences.

It gets better with a battery

Store energy when prices drop, and export when they rise. Take full power over your energy savings!

Thinking of adding a battery?

We don’t blame you! Some Amber customers have been raking in whopping FiTs of 30¢/kWh (or more) with a battery. Thinking of getting one installed but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we can help!