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Power outage or minor fault?

For minor faults and outages in your area, you'll need to contact your energy distributor. They’re responsible for the supply of energy, including the poles and wires that connect power to your home.

There are 5 distributors in Victoria, to see which one serves your area click here


13 12 80


13 24 12


13 16 26


13 17 99

United Energy

13 20 99
There are 3 distributors in New South Wales, to see which one serves your area click here


13 13 88


13 10 03


13 20 80


13 13 66


13 62 62


13 10 93

Emergency situation?

If you are experiencing a power fault or emergency that is life-threatening or dangerous, please call 000 for assistance.

For any of the following emergencies, please select option 6 when you call us on 1800 531 907.

1. There is no network outage but you don’t have power
2. You are on life support and you don’t have power
3. You don’t have hot water.

SmartShift™ customer with an emergency?

If you have a genuine emergency related to your SmartShift™ optimisation please email our head technician at

SmartShift™ optimisation emergencies include:
1. No hot water
2. Your pool pump isn't working and it's affecting the health of your pool
3. Your battery has been overly discharging and you don't have any stored reserve.

Please include as much information as possible with your request so the team can start working on a fix immediately. For other issues with your SmartShift™ optimisation (such as no usage data in the app) please email the team at

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Amber's energy nerds won't put you on endless hold. Leave us a detailed message to request a callback on 1800 531 907. 

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Our postal address is:
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