We reward
you for
using more renewables

Amber helps you use greener, cheaper energy and save on your energy bills too, thanks to our wholesale rates.

Take advantage of wholesale electricity

Access wholesale prices, which get cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing.

Maximise your green power use

Control your green energy use by shifting to times when there are more renewables in the grid.

Green power in
your hands

The Amber app helps you maximise the benefits you can get from wholesale electricity prices. Use it to keep track of your energy use and receive notifications from us if the wholesale price is higher than usual, so you can shift your usage to cheaper and greener times.


Use more green energy

Amber empowers you to take control over how much green energy you use. Use our app to make the most of times when the grid is full of sweet, renewable energy.

Get rewarded with wholesale rates

Join the only energy retailer where your bill is lower when you use more renewables. Unlike fixed retail rates, wholesale prices drop when there's more green power in the grid.

Accelerate our renewable future

Using more renewable energy today is the fastest and best way to make sure Australia gets more renewable energy tomorrow. Help build demand for greener power through your everyday energy use.

The downlow on renewable energy and the grid

Find out the reality of our energy grid and how to use more green energy when it is available - plus why this is the fastest way for Australia to reach a 100% renewable future.

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