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Shift your business onto using cheaper, greener energy with Amber.
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What does Amber do for businesses?

Minimise operating costs
Save on your business energy costs with wholesale prices
Support a greener future
Get your business actually using more renewable energy
An app that empowers
Easily manage your energy costs with our Amber app

Who is Amber for Business for?

During our Beta period, we are initially limiting access to smaller businesses with less than 20MWh usage per year. We have now reached capacity for our Beta offering. Please join the waitlist if you are interested. This cautious approach allows us to ensure a robust and high-quality product and experience as our customers grow. Here are the types of businesses that we believe will find value in Amber for Business:
Businesses with daytime electricity usage
Retail stores, cafes, and other businesses that primarily operate during daytime hours can benefit from our wholesale pricing, which takes advantage of cheap solar energy in the grid.
Businesses with
solar + battery systems
Businesses that have already invested in solar panels and battery storage systems can leverage Amber for Business to access wholesale prices, maximising the export opportunities of their renewable energy assets.
Businesses with shiftable load
Businesses that have large but flexible loads, such as pumps or other equipment that can be scheduled to operate during high-solar hours, can optimize their energy usage and costs with our wholesale pricing model.

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Amber for Business is not currently taking new customers.
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