We’ve partnered with CommBank

We’ve partnered with CommBank to accelerate our mission to shift  Australia to 100% renewable energy 

Hi, it’s Chris and Dan here. We’re the co-founders of Amber.

We created Amber because the status quo in Aussie energy just isn’t good enough.

It’s not helping us get to 100% renewables.

And Aussie households are still paying way too much for power.

Amber fixes both these problems.

For $19 a month we pass through the real-time wholesale price of power (with absolutely no retail markup), which is cheaper when renewables are generating.

With Amber, you can save even more on your power bills when you shift some of your household’s energy usage to times when the sun’s shining, and the wind’s blowing.

If Amber powered millions of Aussie households, we’d get to 100% renewables a whole lot faster. 

That’s why CommBank has invested $20 million in Amber to help us reach our goal of powering one million Aussie households, so we can shape the future of energy in Australia.

Here’s the thing. We need to get Australia to 100% renewables before it’s too late to make a difference.

That means we need to move rapidly towards our goal of powering one million Aussie households with Amber.

CommBank is the right partner to get us there.

They’re massive supporters of our mission to enable Australia’s transition to renewable energy.

Millions of Aussie households have already entrusted CommBank with their financial future.

And we’re planning to work together to provide low cost finance to Amber customers to help them buy home batteries and smart electric vehicle chargers, empowering more households to automatically shift more of their energy usage to the times renewables are generating.  

CommBank customers will soon get additional benefits and discounted pricing when they switch to Amber for their power. Over time, customers will also be able to manage their finances and energy usage in one place using the CommBank mobile phone app.

Ultimately, we’re joining forces to empower Aussie households to save more on their power bills while doing their bit for the future.