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Grid Seeking Batteries

Today we’ve taken out a full-page ad in The Age (as well as classifieds in the The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Adelaide Advertiser) to help connect the 150,000 batteries in homes around Australia with the Aussie Electricity Grid, which is going through an energy crisis.

Thanks to Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels, our ageing coal fired generators and the behaviour of those who run them, we’ve been seeing record high wholesale energy prices in a country where renewable energy should be king.

Rather than see the cost of this crisis pass through to Aussie households, we believe we can harness the power of home batteries to help Australia quickly move to 100% renewables, reducing energy costs for everyone.

While battery automation technology is available today, allowing these batteries to discharge excess energy to the grid, it's estimated only around 15% of battery owners are using it.

Our campaign is a call to arms for Australia’s current battery owners to start using this automation, so we can discharge them into the grid at peak times, stabilising the grid, reducing energy prices for everyone, and displacing fossil fuels with renewables. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we can shift $144 million from coal and gas to battery owners in the process either.

Here's our ad:

Published first in The Age on 5 July 2022

Seeking Connection
24-year-old Aussie Electricity Grid Seeking 150,000 Batteries for a Sustainable Connection

About me:
National Electricity Grid looking for a partner with lots of energy to meet my needs. I’m currently going through a messy break-up with coal and gas. They just can’t perform anymore, and it’s clear we want different things in life. The spark is gone.

About you:
You’re one of the 150,000 home batteries installed around Australia - you’re smart, long-lasting, and well-built. You like to take charge and provide for your home, but you’ve also got the capacity to give and the energy to keep me going all night. And day.

I’m looking for a good time, for a long time. If you’re ready for an electrifying relationship with a sustainable future, I’ll make it worth your while.

Think you’ve got what it takes to keep me buzzing 24/7?

If all 150k batteries around Australia exported power when the grid needs it most, we’d displace 3 gas power plants tomorrow.

The energy grid is breaking up with fossil fuels. If all 150k batteries around Australia exported power when the grid needs it most, we’d displace 3 gas power plants tomorrow, and shift at least $144m from coal & gas into battery owners' pockets this year. 

Down the track, if all three million homes with solar today got batteries, renewable energy could meet more than half of the energy demand at peak times in the grid, and we could displace fossil fuel power equivalent to 60 gas fired power stations. Learn more and get involved here.

Let’s power the energy revolution together,


The Amber team