It’s time to do energy differently

Our reliance on expensive and unreliable coal and gas is behind one of the worst energy crises our country has seen. But within this crisis lies an opportunity we can seize today to reduce energy prices, shift millions from coal and gas, and transition faster to a renewable future.

The number of solar batteries in Australian households today.
The amount of money that will go to battery owners rather than coal and gas in just a year if these batteries discharged to the grid at peak time.
How much each solar battery owner could benefit in a year.
The amount of fossil fuel power we could displace tomorrow, measured in power plants whose energy would no longer be needed.
The amount of carbon emissions that would be avoided this year alone, measured in cars taken off the road.


Today there are 150k solar batteries across Australia
If each automatically charged from the grid when prices are low and energy is green
And put renewable power back into the grid when demand peaks
That’s a $962 bonus per battery owner on top of putting coal and gas in its place.
We’d displace 3 power stations
And shift $144m from coal and gas generators to solar battery owners in a year



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Amber is an Aussie electricity retailer on a mission to help Australia reach 100% renewable energy.

We believe that getting there means doing energy differently: empowering everyone to use more energy when there are more renewables in the grid, and letting battery and EV owners put more greener, cheaper energy back into the grid too.


Why are you launching this campaign now?

There’s nothing like an energy crisis to bring things into sharp focus. Thanks to Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels, our ageing coal fired generators and the behaviour of those who run them, we’re now seeing record high wholesale energy prices in a country where renewable energy should be king.

Rather than see the cost of this crisis pass through to Aussie households, we've seen how harnessing the power of home battery storage can quickly move to 100% renewables and reduce energy costs for everyone.

While battery automation technology is available today that would allow these solar home batteries to discharge excess energy to the grid, it's estimated only around 15% of battery owners are using it.

Our campaign is a call to arms for Australia’s 150,000 current Aussie owners to start using this automation, so we can automatically discharge them into the grid at peak times, stabilising the grid, reducing energy prices for everyone, and displacing fossil fuels with renewables.

Could we lower everyone's energy prices by automating 150k batteries?

We understand home battery uptake in Australia is still low. But wholesale prices are high for everyone who uses energy, driving super profits to fossil fuel generators.

By enabling current battery owners to put more renewables into the grid today, and encouraging the 3 million households who own solar to get a battery and do the same in the near future, we can make energy cheaper and greener for everyone.

How? Three ways:

- Reduce overall reliance on expensive coal and gas in the energy system, as more renewable energy flows in

- Less market power for fossil fuel generators to influence prices too, as more energy generators step up to put power into the grid

- Cash for battery owners' energy exports offset their energy bills

What if the 3m homes with solar today got a battery?

We estimate that if all 3 million homes with solar and no battery got a battery and exported to the grid during peak hours, we could send an additional 15 GW of renewable power into the grid.

That would mean:

- At least 50% of Australia’s peak demand being met by renewables

- The equivalent of 60 gas fired power plants the size of the Quarantine Power station in SA being displaced.

And an even bigger impact on lowering the energy costs of Aussies everywhere (solar, battery, or not!). Because renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy out there.

It would also shift millions of dollars that would otherwise go to paying coal and gas generators for their power, into the pockets of energy-generating Aussies everywhere.

If you have solar and would like to buy a battery, we can help. Shoot us your details here and we'll be in touch with info on how you can get a free quote for a battery at a competitive price.

I'm already in a VPP. What should I do?

If you’re already in a virtual power plant (VPP), your battery is already being automated to support the grid, by sending more renewable energy into the system at peak time.

But depending on which VPP provider you’re with, the value being generated by your battery is often going to one of the big coal and gas companies. Not only that, Amber SmartShift is the only VPP that passes on the full financial upside of exporting your energy into the wholesale electricity market, rather than taking a cut of the value you generate like most VPP providers.

SmartShift optimises solar batteries to charge from the grid when energy is greenest and price are lowest, and export to the grid when demand is peaking and prices are highest. SmartShift also offers the most control of any battery optimisation technology, with charge, discharge, and preserve battery mode - as well as the ability to switch SmartShift off completely.

If you’d like to learn more about how SmartShift can reduce your energy bills whilst helping solve climate change, reach out to us at, or you can sign up here.

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