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Are you getting gouged by your energy company? Answer: almost definitely!

Aussies are feeling the pinch.

At least, that’s what all the pollies and journos have been saying lately. But at Amber, we think feeling the pinch doesn’t even come close to telling the true story.

Supermarkets, energy retailers, airlines and banks have all been jacking up their prices and rates. In short: we’re getting ripped off left right and centre. 

Aussies aren’t just feeling the pinch — we’re getting gouged!

What is price gouging?

Imagine you’re at an outdoor concert on a 30-something degree day. You’re hot. You’re thirsty. You need a bottle of water.

Problem is that a 375ml bottle of water costs eight bucks — even though it presumably (definitely) costs much less to produce.

What choice do you have? Basically: pay up or literally die of thirst.

That’s price gouging; taking advantage of a situation to hike up prices. Devious bottled water salespeople do it and so do the Big Energy companies.

The Big Energy / Big Bottled Water profiteering model

Big Energy’s Big Profits

And they’re making a pretty penny every time they send you your energy bill. 

That feeling of shock when you see your amount owed? That’s what it feels like getting gouged.

And get this: some of the Big Energy companies' profits have jumped by a whopping 150% by jacking up your power bills​​. And even though wholesale power prices have dropped from ~$250/mWh at their peak in 2023, down to an average of ~$50/mWh in the last months of 2023, don't hold your breath for them to drop your bills anytime soon

They're having a party, and we're all paying for it.

Source: Australian Energy Regulator, Default market offer prices 2023-24

Why We're Stuck in This Mess

Here's the kicker: a lot of us are stuck with these traditional energy retailers because, well, change is hard. 

We’ll get gouged, and then stay with that same energy company! We’ll forget about how much we got ripped off until our next bill arrives. That cycle continuing is how Big Energy gets you.

Staying with the same old energy companies also means there's less and less competition to keep prices in check.

Hello Amber. Goodbye Gougers.

But here's where Amber steps in. We're all about giving you energy at wholesale prices, not retail. 

That means no markups, no hidden fees, and no rip offs. 

Just straight-up, fair, wholesale energy prices. The same ones that the news keeps telling us are dropping while your bills are going up. 

It's like you have a backstage pass to the energy market — and you don’t have to pay eight bucks for a bottle of water backstage. You get to see what's really going on and pay what your energy actually costs.

So if you’re as sick of Big Energy companies as we are, maybe it’s time to switch to an energy company without the price gouging.

Maybe it’s time to switch to wholesale energy with Amber.

Switch to energy without price gouging.

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