Wholesale energy: 
The smarter way to charge

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Why Amber for evs?

Save your wallet and the planet

Get the feel good factor that comes with enjoying cheaper bills when you charge your car - and your home - with greener energy.

You're in charge with the Amber app

Drive down your EV charging costs with the Amber app. It allows you to stay on top of real-time energy prices and renewables, and provides forecasts so you can plan ahead too.

Keep coal and gas out of your car

Maximise your impact and support a greener future by charging when the grid is flush with renewables rather than driving up demand for fossil fuels.

Whatever your set-up, Amber can help

Access to wholesale prices through Amber means you can charge your EV when prices are low and renewables are high, so you can save on charging costs.

If the wholesale price goes negative, you can even get paid to charge your car. No joke.

If you’ve got an EV and solar panels, think of Amber as an easy way to boost your access to cheap renewable energy, without having to invest in more panels. Even if your solar output is low, you can top-up your car from the grid at cheaper, greener wholesale rates.

If you have an EV, home battery, and solar panels, Amber offers a smarter solution for energy management. Use your solar power to charge your EV and fill your battery. If solar output drops, you can either use the stored power in your battery or top up from the grid at cheaper, greener wholesale rates.

With Amber, your battery can be automated (if compatible) to buy low and sell high in the wholesale energy market, earning you a better return on your energy.

Coming soon: Smart charging with Amber

EV customers can already take advantage of direct access to cheaper greener wholesale prices to charge-up their car with Amber.

In 2024, we’ll be taking this to the next level with our wholesale smart charging solution. Become an Amber customer to be first in line to automatically charge at the lowest wholesale prices.

Common questions we get asked

Amber was founded by climate advocate Dan Adams and his techie mate Chris Thompson to solve the biggest problem holding Australia back from reaching 100% renewable energy: making it easier and rewarding for more Aussies to use more green energy and take action on climate change. While other green energy providers focus on offsetting your fossil fuel energy use, we’re laser-focused on helping you reduce your fossil fuel use in the first place, by empowering you to use energy when renewables are most abundant in the grid. It's a win/win for your wallet and the planet.

Unlike other retailers, Amber has only one “plan”. We give you direct access to the wholesale market for our $19/month subscription fee (the subscription fee is the only income we generate to run the business as we don't make profits on your energy usage).

The wholesale market low daily cost and below average costs during the night gives you access to cheaper and cleaner power, which can really drive your charging costs down. We believe this is a great way for you to save big on charging your car.

Other energy retailers pay the wholesale price for their power and then pass this through with a mark-up. Often the offers they propose look very appealing on one hand, and less appealing on the other. For example, if you have access to “free energy” during the day, you are likely to get charged a high price at all other hours. We recommend assessing these offers with this in mind.

All energy retailers buy their electricity from the same wholesale electricity market, where prices are set every 30 minutes by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The wholesale price is the true price for your usage that Amber (and other retailers) have to pay to provide you energy. 

It’s normal for the wholesale price to fluctuate up or down in each 30 minute period depending on supply and demand, encouraging more power generation when the grid needs it, and less when it doesn’t.

The wholesale price that Amber passes through includes wholesale energy costs (which vary every 30 mins), hedging costs (a small fee to cover the cost of offering our Amber price guarantee), the rates charged by your local network (who own the poles and wires), metering costs and regulated charges for environmental schemes and market operations. We also add on a carbon offset to make your energy use carbon neutral.

Amber makes nothing at all from your energy usage. Our $19/month subscription fee is our only margin for running Amber.

Check out this explainer to learn more about what drives the wholesale price up and down. You can find out more about what your bill with Amber would include here.

Charging your car at the right price is crucial. Both to look after your wallet and of course, also to use less dirty energy from the grid. Right now, we do have solutions in place through third party products e.g. Charge HQ that allow you to stop charging your EV if prices are reaching a fixed threshold. In 2024 we will launch Amber's own smart charging solution.