Yello Commbank Terms and Conditions

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By commencing the sign-up process, Amber will collect and handle your personal information under its Privacy Policy. If you sign up, Amber will be your service provider and will handle all technical enquiries, complaints and servicing. 

CBA has an ownership interest in Amber. Amber and CBA have entered into a strategic relationship agreement. You should read Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Statement before making any decision about their service.

A Basic Plan Information Document or Fact Sheet is available upon request for this plan.

Eligibility for CommBank Yello Offers

To redeem this once-off CommBank Yello offer (refer to the offer table above to determine which offer you are eligible for), sign-up to Amber by clicking ‘Sign Up’, use your unique offer code provided by CommBank via the CommBank Yello Hub in your CommBank App, add your CommBank Credit Card, Debit Card or bank account as your Amber online account payment method, and meet all other eligibility requirements including:

  • Offer available to new Amber service customers only who complete signup by 30 June 2024 in areas where Amber is available, including NSW, Victoria, SA, ACT and southeast Queensland.
  • Offer is for CommBank Yello customers who meet each of the eligibility criteria in the CommBank Yello Terms and Conditions that are either part of the Everyday, Everyday Plus or Home Owner benefit set.  See full CommBank Yello Terms and Conditions for more information. The CommBank Yello Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria may be subject to change.   
  • Any unique offer codes not redeemed by 30 June 2024 will expire. Limit of one code per customer.  If you cease to meet the eligibility criteria for the CommBank Yello Everyday, Everyday Plus or Homeowner benefit set (as outlined in the CommBank Yello T&Cs) at any time while you are receiving a discount under this offer, you will continue to receive any remaining portion of the 6 month discount as long as you continue to use an eligible CommBank online payment method. 
  • You must continue to use a CommBank credit card, debit card or bank account to maintain the discounts available with this offer. If during the 6 months promotional period you switch your payment method to a non-CommBank account, or your CommBank card expires, you will forfeit any remaining discounted months.  Access to the offer will be revoked with effect from the following month.
  • You are free to cancel at any time without charge, however cancelling your service within the offer period forfeits any remaining discounted months. 
  • Should you relocate address during the promotional period, the offer is transferable to your new address.
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.‍
  • The promo code is unique and aligns to a customer’s specific CommBank Yello benefit set. (i.e. An Everyday unique offer code, can only be used to redeem the Everyday offer, even if you pass the offer code onto another CBA customer who may be on a different CommBank Yello benefit set).
  • Customers are able to gift CommBank Yello promo codes to other CBA customers. To ensure the credit is applied, all customers must comply with these eligibility requirements. 
  • You may sign up one additional property with Amber (e.g. your holiday house) and claim this offer for that property but to do so you must use a different sign up email address.  Offer strictly limited to two properties only and not valid if you choose to leave Amber and return during the offer period. 
  • Customers can move between CommBank Yello tiers, but will not be able to move to a different offer once the offer has been redeemed. 
  • The provision of your service will be subject to Amber’s standard terms of service and policies, available at
  • Offers limited. Amber and CommBank reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.

Battery customers who are in the Home owner segment 

Feed-in Tariff Guarantee

  • Exclusive to CommBank customers who join Amber for Batteries: Get $100 cash back if over the first 6 months as an Amber for Batteries customer you achieved an average Feed-in Tariff that was lower than any other Feed-in-Tariff available in your network area over the same time period (where eligibility for the other offer does not also require purchase of a solar or battery system).
  • To claim this offer you must remain an Amber for Batteries customer for the duration of the 6 month period. 
  • To redeem, send an email to with proof of the higher advertised FiT in your network area for the corresponding 6 months with Amber for Batteries and we will apply the $100 credit to your next bill.