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“Amber Electric is one of two energy retailers to earn a CHOICE recommendation.”

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“Amber Electric’s wholesale power model can save you money”

Finder Awards

“The Amber for Batteries product is an impressive renewables innovation.”

As an Amber customer, you get access to the true cost of energy – offering unparalleled value and control. With retail prices on the rise and wholesale prices falling, now’s the time to make the switch.
Access wholesale energy prices that have helped thousands of customers save.
Benefit from cheaper renewables as prices fall when lots of solar and wind power the grid.
Take back control from Big Energy and help shift Australia to a greener, cheaper energy future.

How much could you save with wholesale?

Amber's wholesale price model means you can take advantage of times when energy demand is low or when lots of renewables are powering the grid. By shifting your heavy usage appliances (like washing machines, pool pumps or electric vehicle chargers) you can save more on your energy bill and support a brighter, greener future for Australia.
Our $19/month subscription fee is our only margin for running Amber. Plus every customer is covered by our Bill Guarantee.


Access wholesale energy prices

  • Lower your electricity costs by only paying the true market price for energy with no retail markup.

No lock-in contracts

  • Flexibility to change plans or providers without penalty.

Daily usage in-app

  • Get a better understanding of your energy usage and costs.
  • See your 30-day usage history.

Daily renewables forecast in-app

  • Plan and adjust electricity usage based on renewable availability and prices.
  • Support a greener grid by using energy when it is mostly fed by renewables, which is better for the environment.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Store energy when prices are low and use/sell when prices are high.
  • Lower costs when supplementing battery with grid electricity.

Multiple automation modes for your battery

  • Optimise energy storage and usage based on varying conditions.

Ability to manually control your battery

  • Tailored energy storage control for specific needs.

Daily insights for battery usage in-app

  • Better understanding of battery usage patterns for optimisation.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Charge vehicle during low-price periods.
  • Potentially huge savings on EV charging costs.

Daily usage in-app

  • Monitor and manage EV charging patterns for cost optimisation.
  • Better understanding of energy consumption for EV charging.

Pull prices, forecasts and usage via an API

  • Integrate with smart EV charging systems for optimised charging.
  • Develop custom applications or dashboards for EV energy management.

Daily renewables forecast in-app plans

  • Plan EV charging based on renewable availability and prices.
  • Support a greener grid by charging your EV when the grid is mostly fed by renewables, which is better for the environment.

Access wholesale energy prices

  • Optimise solar energy usage during low-price periods.
  • Lower costs when supplementing solar with grid electricity.

Access to wholesale feed-in tariff prices

  • Potentially gain higher returns for excess energy fed back into the grid.

Daily renewables forecast in-app

  • Optimise the use of solar generation based on renewable forecasts.

No restrictions on the size of your solar system

  • Flexibility in system design.
  • Potential for greater energy production and savings.

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