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In 2022 Big Energy lost MILLIONS.

Yep. Millions. In fact, one of Australia’s Big 3 energy providers (the Orange one) recorded a -$111 million loss in 2022. Now, they want you to pay for their mess – hiking up energy bills by as much as 30% since August 1.*

But here’s the thing: the wholesale price of energy is actually going down. Big Energy companies are paying less, but charging you a big, fat markup on your usage. At Amber, we give you direct access to the wholesale price of energy, so you only pay what your energy is actually worth.

*Australian Energy Regulator’s announcement of the Default Market Offer 2023–24 determination and the VIC Essential Services Commission announcement of the Victorian Default Offer 2023-24: final decision

so basically...

as retail
prices are
going up...


This is how much you should be paying for your energy!

What even is wholesale?

Wholesale refers to the true cost of generating and delivering electricity to the energy market. It’s the price Big Energy pays for their energy.

The thing is this price goes up and down throughout the day. It even drops when demand is low or lots of renewables are flooding the grid.

Thousands of Aussies are already saving with wholesale. As an Amber customer, we pass this price on to you without any markup. Our $19/month subscription fee is our only margin for running Amber.


Great question! One night, while watching the 2015 financial drama the Big Short, our marketing manager had an idea...

If Hollywood could put Margot Robbie in a bubblebath to explain the financial crash of 2008, why couldn’t we do the same thing to explain Big Energy’s Big Mess in 2022?

The answer? Money. And also none of us knew Margot’s number. But our CEO was game.

Switch to wholesale energy instead of paying off Big Energy's debt

For a recap, here's Amber's CEO Chris Thompson in a bathtub.

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