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Amber is a new type of electricity retailer, designed for EV owners. With Amber, you get access to the real-time wholesale price of energy—rewarding you for charging your EV when cheaper wind and solar power are available in the grid. It’s the best way to charge your EV and accelerate Australia towards a 100% renewable future.

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How Amber works for EV owners

Unlike other energy providers that sell electricity at a fixed retail rate, Amber’s customers buy power at the true wholesale electricity price. Wholesale prices are cheaper when there are more renewables in the grid, meaning that EV owners can save hundreds by charging their EV when more wind and solar power is available.

Amber doesn’t make money on your electricity usage, instead we charge a $15/month subscription fee.

The Amber app puts the power in your hands

By checking price and renewable forecasts in the Amber app, you can time your EV charging to take place at that sweet spot where renewables are high and wholesale prices are super low. Sometimes, you can even get paid to charge your EV when wholesale prices go negative from surplus renewables.

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Are you charging your EV with coal and gas?

Most EV owners charge their EVs when they get home in the evening, which means they're largely charging their EV from coal and gas power—no matter which electricity retailer they are with. On the other hand, by charging your EV in the middle of the day when solar is flooding into the grid or overnight when there’s lots of cheap wind power, your EV can help accelerate Australia towards a future powered by 100% renewable energy.

You can download the free Amber app to find out how much of your power is coming from renewables right now.

Putting your EV charging on autopilot

In the coming months, Amber will launch our SmartShift technology for EVs. This technology will automate your EV charging so that it always takes place at the greenest and cheapest time—without you needing to lift a finger. Register your interest if you’d like to be notified when SmartShift for EVs is released in 2022 by clicking the link below. And, if you have additional questions, email us at or book a call.

Actual wholesale prices for EV charging last year with Amber

If you had charged your EV during the cheapest two hours of each day last year, these are the real wholesale prices you would have paid in each state with Amber.

8.4 c/kWh
5.7 c/kWh
13.3 c/kWh

Tim Barson
Partnerships Manager - SmartShift



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