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Visible, trackable, shareable: Your Week With Amber

Launching for all customers on October 25 2023, Amber’s new in-app feature Your Week With Amber makes the win/win of wholesale energy more visible, trackable and shareable with friends and family. It’s a new way to see how wholesale energy is working for you, and an easy way for you to share how it could work for friends and family too.

It comes at a time when cheap solar is absolutely flooding the grid. Spring has sprung and solar generation is soaring! As a result, the real cost of energy is now 70 per cent lower than it was a year ago - falling 42 per cent in just the past few months.

In other words, it’s a great time to spread the word about how much you can save when you go direct to wholesale.

Introducing: Your Week With Amber

Updated with new data every week on Tuesday, Your Week With Amber provides deeper data on how you’re tracking with wholesale - and your impact on the renewable revolution.

Track your average usage price, your average energy usage, and your average renewables usage across different time periods.

  1. Track your usage price
  • See what your average wholesale energy rate was for the week and how this compares to the default market offer in your network
  • See your monthly average usage rate
  • See your 3 month average usage rate

Why this matters:

With Amber, it’s not so much how much energy you use, as when you use it, that has the biggest impact on your bottom line.

New metrics in Your Week With Amber help you track how you’re going with your energy price over time. You can also see the difference you can make to your average price when you make consistent efforts to shift to cheaper and greener times. And you can compare it to what you might be paying if you were no longer with Amber - just in case you’re wondering, of course.

Whether you’re having your best week ever or you’ve seen cheaper, greener days, the usage price card helps you put your costs in a broader perspective. Flick through using the arrows at the top of the card to see how your different weeks compare.

  1. Track your average usage
  • See your 3 month average usage rate
  • See your average weekly energy usage
  • See your 30, 90 and 180 day average usage (once you’ve been with us long enough!)

Why this matters:

Previously in the Amber app, you could see your daily usage and how this can fluctuate day to day, and you could see how much energy you use each month or each quarter in your bill, but you couldn’t easily track trends.

By seeing fluctuations in usage on a weekly basis it becomes easier to pick up on when usage might be outside of your usual range and get a sense of when this is likely to flow through to your bill in the form of lower or higher costs. Armed with regular access to how much energy you use, plus the live price of wholesale energy, you have the knowledge you even more ways to make smarter energy moves.

What you’ll find is that with Amber, it’s not so much how much energy you use, as when you use it, that has the biggest impact on your bottom line. While other providers focus on how much, both affect your bill and green impact.

  1. Track how much of your energy came from renewable sources
  • See your average renewable usage this week
  • See your monthly average renewable energy usage
  • See what this means in real-world terms

Why this matters:

Amber’s mission is to shift Australia to 100% renewable energy. We’re making this possible by giving customers access to the wholesale price of power which rises and falls based on how much cheap, renewable energy is in the grid, and how much demand there is at any given time. With direct access to wholesale prices, you can make good choices about the best time to run your energy-hungry appliances.

Now, with the renewable usage card on Your Week With Amber, you get a view into how much of your energy came from renewable sources and the ability to track this over time. This can be affected by both:

  • The amount of renewable energy in the grid overall
  • How much of your energy usage you shift to cheaper, greener times.

More shareable than ever

The more people know about the real, wholesale cost of energy, the faster we can shift the power from Big Energy companies to Aussie households and accelerate Australia towards a 100% renewable energy future.

That’s why we made Your Week With Amber our most shareable feature yet, so you can easily spread the word about the benefits of going direct to wholesale.

Let us know what you think

Got any feedback on the new feature? Shoot us some feedback via the app.

And don’t forget to share Your Week With Amber to be in with a chance to win!

Share Your Week With Amber to be in with a chance to win

Share Your Week With Amber to be in with a chance to win

Ali Lowe


Senior Content and Product Marketer