Osher talks climate, renewable energy and Amber with Dan Adams

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Podcast host Osher Gunsberg speaks to Amber co-founder Dan Adams about all things renewable energy, climate change, electric vehicles (EVs), the upcoming election and more.

"Amber...has a simple yet elegant business model, which uses market pressure - a language that investment capital understands - to force the larger energy providers into shifting their generation from fossil fuels towards renewable energy and storage. If you've not thought about your energy bill as a way to engage in meaningful climate action every day, it's a conversation you might be interested in." - Osher Gunsberg.

If you want to jump to where Dan and Osher talk about Amber, jump to 43 minutes in.

They also have a great chat about electric vehicles, EV charging and and the potential for vehicle to grid power at 1 hour and 7 minutes.