September CX Champ - Dolores

Dolores has been picked as our CX champ of the month because of her diligent, friendly, and hard-working nature. She has an impeccable eye for detail and is always willing to challenge herself and go above and beyond for our customers.

She has worked across the business from assisting our Smartshift customers to now helping the Accounts team ensure our customers are receiving concession discounts and financial aid. She’s a talented superstar not only at work but also outside of work with her many hobbies including golf, MMA, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Here’s just a taste of some of the amazing feedback that Dolores has received from our customers:

“Dolores was wonderful to deal with and very forthcoming with information in relation to my issue with billing.”

“My interaction with Dolores was further proof of why it's so wonderful to be with Amber. P.S. If this makes it into a review of Dolores, be sure to give her a high five or fist bump, dealer's choice, y'all are great.”

“Detailed response and explained consideration perfectly. Thank you Dolores!”

“Dolores was fantastic - super helpful and friendly. I could tell she really wanted things to be good.”

“Dolores was wonderful to deal with, thank you Dolores!”

“Great personal assistance. Thank you very much, Dolores.”

1. When did you join Amber?

May 2021

2. Tell us a bit about your background.

I did a Bachelors in Environmental Studies at university as I have always had a love for nature and animals, and an interest in how we can combat climate change.

Prior to Amber, I landed a job as a HSE consultant in risk management consulting. I have also worked in the logistics/freight forwarding industry and briefly at a talent agency (super fun!).

3. What has been your most memorable customer experience?

I don’t have one particular memory, but it’s appreciated when customers understand that we are here to help them to the best of our ability and that the last thing we want to do is make life hard for them. Also, when there’s laughter, that’s always a bonus!

4. What do you love about working at Amber?

That Amber is driven by empathy, transparency, and the mission to help transition Australia to 100% renewables as soon as possible. Also, the flexibility Amber offers is fantastic.

5. What’s been your most inspiring moment?
Again, no particular moment. Though I am constantly being inspired by podcasts, interviews, films, my close family and friends, encounters with strangers, etc.

6. What do you like to do when you’re not working on getting Australia to 100% renewables and saving customers money on their energy bills?

The last two years I was training in MMA 3-5 days a week. Last year I started snowboarding and playing golf and am loving it! I also love hiking, reading, travelling, watching the F1, and spending as much time as possible with my Samoyed, Finn (constantly covered in dog hair, haha!).

7. Any energy saving/sustainability tips you want to spruik?

There are hundreds of ways we can all be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives with minimal effort. For me personally, I know I try my best to avoid turning the heater on when possible (i.e. putting on an extra jumper), avoid fast fashion, and eat a predominantly plant-based diet.