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October CX Champ

October Customer Support Champ: Lachlan Greig.

Lachie has been an absolute gun since he joined Amber in March of this year, consistently taking home some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings - which is why he is our customer support champ of the month.

He’s an expert when it comes to metering and transfers and is always eager to learn more and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding. He’s a great team player, always helping out others when needed and keeping the Amber ops team entertained with his dry humour and wit.

When he’s not working hard you can find him playing video games, working out at the gym, or grabbing a drink and supporting his team the Sydney Swans. He has always been passionate about the environment and climate change from a young age which is why he is a great fit at Amber.

Here is just a taste of some of the amazing feedback that Lachie has received from customers:

“Lachlan was both super helpful and super attentive. Fantastic example of customer service”

“Lachlan was fantastic. Always responded promptly, had great technical knowledge and showed willingness to help wherever he could. Much appreciated.”

“Lachlan is a legend! Give him a raise or Ill go to red energy :P”

“Awesome support and great follow up when I requested something urgent. Couldn’t fault your service and attention to detail at all.”

“Lachlan was polite and to the point, and more importantly he sorted my feed in tariff, without needing to fill in any bloody forms!”

“The question was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Lachlan even went above and beyond to provide me with additional information”

Let's learn a little more about Lachie:

  1. When did you join Amber?

March 2022.

  1. Tell us a bit about your background…

I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Policy at Monash University. I have always had a deep passion for the environment and positive action on climate change. This inherently motivated me to join the Amber team as it has enabled me to directly contribute to the race to net zero emissions.  

  1. What has been your most memorable customer experience?

I have had many memorable experiences with customers. Amber customers are always super enthusiastic and engaged with the Amber model as it provides the opportunity for them to save money whilst helping the planet!

  1. What do you love about working at Amber?

The team culture is definitely the best part about working at Amber. Everyone in the team is super supportive of each other and all contribute to a very positive work environment. Everyone in the team is super committed and motivated by the Amber mission to transition Australia to 100% renewables.

  1. What do you like to do when you’re not working on getting Australia to 100% renewables and saving customers money on their energy bills?

I am super in to both playing and watching sports. In particular, I really enjoy AFL, basketball, soccer and snowboarding. I love finding new restaurants and bars around Melbourne. I also love travelling and making the most of any opportunity to explore new places.  

  1. Any energy saving/sustainability tips you want to spruik?

Shopping for local produce is a great way to make a meaningful difference to reduce emissions. Buying fresh local produce will reduce your carbon footprint by minimising the emissions used in the transportation and refrigeration of imported produce. Eating local produce is great for local supply chains, the economy and generally tastes amazing!

  1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I would love the ability to teleport. It would make getting around so much easier and I would never have to be stuck in traffic ever again.

  1. Bucket list goal?

I have always wanted to travel to Iceland to see the northern lights. There is just something about them that has always fascinated me and they look amazing.

Amanda Au


Customer Operations Specialist