Meet Neil Luo, Amber's Chief Operations Officer

Yes, it's *another* picture of Neil with an ice cream.

1. When did you join Amber? 

I joined Amber in August 2021, so am still a newbie (just hit over three months a few weeks ago!)

2. Tell us a bit about your background… 

I’ve spent much of my last 10 years in tech. I did a seven year stint at an online travel company called in London in a combination of strategy and marketing roles. I moved back to Melbourne around four years ago and spent two years at SEEK working in product before joining a fintech start-up called Airwallex. I spent two years there growing the SME part of the business before joining Amber more recently to help Australia transition to 100% renewable energy

3. Describe your role today in a nutshell… 

I look after the operations team at Amber and my goal is to build a best-in-class operations function that provides a smooth and cohesive end-to-end customer experience for our customers, all the way from onboarding to billing. 

4. What do you love about working at Amber? 

There are a number of things that make Amber a great place to work. First and foremost the mission is exciting and impactful as climate change is a critical topic that will have flow-on impacts for future generations. Secondly, the people at Amber are all so great to work with - the culture is one of empathy, support, understanding but also high performance and customer centricity which is very rare to find.

5. What’s been your most inspiring moment? 

The most inspiring moment for me has been seeing our team really hustle to improve the key metrics we know really matter for our customers. When I first joined we had a long backlog of customer support tickets and response times weren’t where we wanted them to be, but over the last few months it’s been really inspiring to see how the team have worked together to move the needle on this - with the result being that we’re now responding to most of our customers in under 24 hours. Most recently we’ve had a huge influx of inquiries due to the Powershop news but the team has continued to work hard and maintain great response times. It’s a real testament to our customer-first culture within the team.

6. What do you like to do when you’re not working on getting Australia to 100% renewables and saving customers money on their energy bills?

Outside of Amber, I like to spend time with my family, including my two young kids (aged four and one). I’m also a massive fan of all sports (including e-sports) so lately I’ve been spending quite a bit of time following the F1. A few months ago it was the Worlds League of Legends tournament.

7. Any energy saving / sustainability tips you want to spruik? 

Since joining Amber I’ve found the timer settings on my washing machine and dishwasher to be amazing, as it allows you to schedule them to run when prices are cheapest/most renewables in the grid (usually during the day or late at night).