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In loving memory of Powershop

Today we’ve taken out a full page ad in The Age, to farewell a partner in the fight against climate change. Despite this week’s news, the mission to solve climate change continues. The more Aussies we can empower to use energy when there are more renewables in the grid, the faster we’ll transition to 100% renewables.

Here’s what we wrote:

In loving memory of Powershop

11 April 2012 - 22 November 2021

This week we farewelled Powershop as a partner in the fight against climate change.

On Monday 22nd November, following a short battle with their conscience, Powershop succumbed to a takeover by Shell, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

Today we take a moment to look back and celebrate the Powershop we knew and admired as a partner in climate action. The Powershop that aspired to be the greenest energy company in Australia. The Powershop that swore off fossil fuels and strove to provide power its customers could be proud of.

Powershop is survived by these customers. Australians of all walks of life, united by a desire to fight climate change and enable a renewable energy future.

To those of you grieving, we at Amber stand with you.

To those of you ready to get back in the climate fight, we invite you to join us on the frontline.

At Amber we’re out to shift Australia to 100% renewable energy. And to do that we need to go beyond offsetting, so we’ve pioneered an entirely new way to buy electricity that empowers Australians to accelerate the transition to renewables themselves.

The mission to solve climate change continues.

Published first in The Age on 27 November 2021.

This is a moment for those who support climate action to do everything we can to invest in a greener future.

The climate mission continues


The Amber Team