CX Champ - February '23

Emily McCrystal is Amber's February 2023 Customer Support Champ

Emily is our well-deserved champ of the month, as she always goes above and beyond - not only for our customers but also for our team. She is a sustainability queen who has almost finished studying for her Masters of Environmental Management.

At Amber, Em's care and empathy shines through with our more vulnerable customers, as well as when she's assisting our SmartShift battery customers to onboard. She's deeply knowledgeable across the business, handles complex cases and is always looking for ways to improve our processes.

An absolute joy to be around, Em is always lighting up the room with her humour and her empathy and we just love having her on the team.

Here's just a sample of some of the fabulous feedback she's received from customers recently:

“Emily from Amber was all over it, understood the situation right away and initiated the relevant protocols to resolve it with clarity. Top stuff.”

“Emily on the Customer Service team went above and beyond to keep our account with Amber when it was faultily switched to a different (non-ethical!) power company. For several weeks, Emily persisted and kept me in the loop with every update, even calling to let me know she was on it! Truly beyond satisfied with Amber on every level, and Emily's excellent service sealed the deal for me. Thanks again Emily! :)”

“Emily was lovely to talk to & super helpful. I was able to get a 7 day extension on my bill payment & she helped me set up a regular BPay transfer to chip away at my bill as I get paid. I love Amber & this was just another great experience with you guys. Thank you”

“Good is really an understatement. Amber has outstanding customer service. Emily helped me with my problems and was so patient, kind and understanding. She is a true asset to the company. Thanks for the fantastic service, it sounds silly but it really made my life significantly better to have the electricity sorted without hassle during our move.”

“Emily was absolutely amazing and so helpful thank you”

“I was working with Emily and she was great at fielding my request and then chasing down information.  She took action promptly and keep communicating with progress until the request was closed. THANK YOU.”

When Em's not busy studying or working you can find her soaking up the sun and surf on the sunny coast.

Want to learn a little more about Em? Check out our interview with this customer support and sustainability queen.

  1. When did you join Amber?

September 2021

  1. Tell us a bit about your background…

I graduated from a Bachelor of Business Management majoring in Real Estate and Development and got my start as an intern for a sustainable property development company. It was there that I became passionate about sustainable practices, which lead me down the path of a Master of Environmental Management which I am about to complete.

  1. What has been your most memorable customer experience?

Any of our SmartShift customers’ journeys from getting onboarded to giving great feedback about it! It’’s been a real learning experience being at the forefront of residential and small business battery automation, to see it come to life and have a real impact for our wonderful customers has been really fantastic.

  1. What do you love about working at Amber?

The overall goal of getting as many renewables into the grid as possible during times throughout the day that they otherwise would not be able to is why I love it. I owe it to Chris and Dan for keeping this message at the forefront of our day/week/month/year, they really make it that much easier.

  1. What’s been your most inspiring moment?

I was unknowingly in a lift with the former CEO of Adidas a few years ago and we chatted about the conference we were at, only for him to get up on stage about 10 minutes later to highlight the importance of sustainable practices and the power of collective action. It was great to know we have some big guns on our side.

  1. What do you like to do when you’re not working on getting Australia to 100% renewables and saving customers money on their energy bills?

You can mostly find me on my couch studying or watching Netflix at the moment. When I’m not studying during the semester I’m at the Sunshine Coast taking in the sun and surf. I’ve also been getting back into reading, focussing a lot on finance books!

  1. Any energy saving/sustainability tips you want to spruik?

Ugly produce and seconds food! If you have access to them, it’s my favourite way to reduce food waste.

  1. Where is your favourite holiday spot?

If I’m going on a local holiday then it’s definitely Mooloolaba - can’t beat their sunsets on the beach. If it’s international, then it would have to be snowboarding in New Zealand.

  1. What would your superpower be?

Speaking every language!