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Your bill has details of your energy usage. Simply click on a feature point on your bill to see a detailed explaination on what it means.  The overview page contains the major items on your bill.

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Account Details

Your Key Account Details, including Account Owners name and Account Number. Your Supply Address is the address of the property you are being billed for. If you have an different Mailing Address to your Supply Address that will be shown on the bill too.


Total Owed

This is the total amount you owe Amber, that will be debited from your account on the given date. It's made up of the current Bill amount, plus any outstanding amounts owed or credited from previous bills.



This shows how we calculated your Total Owed. Your Previous Balance is how much you owed from your previous bill, Received Balance is how much you have paid since your previous bill. Opening Balance is how much has been carried over from your previous bill (Previous Balance - Received Balance); and New Charges is how much this bill is. Your Total Owed is your Opening Balance + New Charges



The best way to get in touch with Amber. If you have an electrical emergency or have had power cut off at your property it is best to get in touch with your Network, whos name and number is underneath Emergencies


Fairest Prices

We're required to check your charges against our available energy plans to see if you could save money. Because we only offer wholesale rates, you're already getting the best plan so no need to worry.


Blue Boxes

These blue boxes are on your bill to give you additional information to help you understand everything on your bill as you read it.

Your Simple Bill

We know seeing all the components that go into an Amber bill can be confusing, so we've created a Simple Bill page for you, which gives your the top-line summary of any Charges and Credits for your bill. Charges are split into Usage Charges, Daily Supply Charges & Amber's fees. This should allow you to easily compare these energy market-wide charges against other retailers.

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Bill Details

Your Bill Details inlcude basic information about your Bill, including the dates, number of days billed and some tax information.



Your Overview gives you the top level summary of your Bill. How much you have been charged, any credits that have been applied (including solar export earnings), and the Bill Total


Charges Summary

An overview of your charges, split by charge type. This should allow you to compare individual elements, like your usage and daily supply costs. If you are on a TOU or Block tarriff these will be shown as indented sub-line items underneath your General Usage Total


Credits Summary

An overview of all your credits on your bill. This is where you will find all your solar earnings and average export price. Note some of your credits (including any solar exports) don't have GST applied to them


This Bill

Note that this total is how much this Bill is for, It may differ to the Total Owed on page 1 if you have a previous outstanding balance

Your Detailed Charges

Here is where we start to get into the nitty-gritty of the energy market. The wholesale rate of electricity you see in your app is actually made up of a range of various charges (all of which we pass through to you with no markup). Similarly your Daily Supply Charge often has multiple components too. On this page we aim for maximum transparency so you can see exactly what makes up your wholesale electricity price.

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Meter Reads

The details of the meter reads we have taken, detailing your usage amounts (in kWh) over the course of the billing period. These are split out by meter types, so you may see multiple readings.


Tariff Details

Here you can easily see which Network you are with, and what specific usage Tariff you are on. 

Find out more about Tariff Types here


Usage Charges

These are the various Wholesale charges for electricity usage that we pass through to you with not markup. These are the components that are added together to get the price you see in the Amber App.

We've split them all out for transparency, together they add up to the Usage Totals you see on your Simple Bill.

Depending on your Meter Configuration & Network you may not have all of these charges on your bill, so don't worry if you see something here that isn't on your bill.

Wholesale (Av. Price) (¢/kWh)

This is the average price you paid to buy your energy from the wholesale energy market, based on how much power you used in each 30 minute period. This is the cost of generation for your electricity usage.

Controlled (Av. Price) (¢/kWh)

This is the average price of your controlled load usage, based on how much power you used in each 30 minute period. This is also a generation cost for your controlled load electricity usage.

Network - Fixed Rate (¢/kWh)

Your electricity network charges us fixed rates per kWh to supply power to your property. Your network is responsible for the delivery of electricity to you, manage the electricity poles and wires in your area.

Network - Peak/Off-Peak/Shoulder (¢/kWh)

If you are on a Time of Use Tariff with your Network, then the amount they charge you works in a different way. It is based on the time of day you use electricity, to supply power to your property. With different prices being charged at Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak times.

You can see your tariff schedule (peak times) and associated prices here

Network - NUoS Network Access Charge

Your electricity network charges you pay that covers the use of transmission power lines/towers and terminal stations, as well as the operational and maintenance costs involved. 

Market Fees

Fees we pay the market operator to run the wholesale energy market and ensure a reliable supply of energy.

Carbon Neutral Offset / GreenPower Offset 100%

Depending on your plan with us, your power usage is either 100% carbon offset, or backed by Environmental Certificates equal to 100% of your consumption.

Environmental Certificate Cost

Regulated environmental costs all energy retailers must pay to fund the Government's Renewable Energy Target and energy efficiency programs.

Price Protection Hedging

Used to guarantee that you‘ll never pay more than the government’s reference price for energy (called the ‘DMO’ or ‘VDO’ in Vic) over 12 months.


Daily Supply Charges

Wholesale daily costs that we pass through to you. They are from the networks, that are responsible for suppling power to your property, and metering companies, who install, maintain and read your electricity meter:

Network - Network Access Charge (¢/day)

The networks also charge us a fixed daily fee to get power to your home.

Network - Jurisdictional Scheme Fixed (¢/day)

Some networks also pass on charges to you for jurisdictional schemes they are a part of.

Metering (¢/day)

Covers the costs we must pay to use your electricity meter.


Demand Charges

Demand tariffs are a type of Network tariff with an additional component on your bill, shown here as Demand Charges.

Your demand charges reflect your maximum electricity usage of any 30 minute period during a specific time frame or 'demand window' (e.g 3pm - 8pm weekdays)

Over the course of a month your highest energy usage over a 30-minute period during this demand window is then used to calculate the demand value.

Read more about Demand Charges here


Amber Subscription

Amber's Subscription Fee

This montly fee is our only margin for running the retail side of the business!

Note: Your Detailed Credits page typically appears if you are a solar customer or a concessions holder.

Your Detailed Credits

Much like your detailed charges page, here we break down all the components of any credits your bills has. This will include any Premium Feed-in tariff rates you may have, vouchers, charge corrections or concessions.

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Meter Reads

The details of your solar export meter reads we have taken, detailing your export amounts (in kWh) over the course of the billing period. Not this is the total amount of solar you have exported back to the grid, not the total amount of solar generated.


Export Credits

Here is where we show the detailed break down of all your solar exports, including average export price, and any government solar rebates and schemes that may be applicable.


Vouchers & Concessions

Any additional Bill Credits, vouchers or concession based credits will be applied here.

Additional Information

This page contains some visual information on your electricity usage and relevant emissions data, and also how you compare to other households in terms of daily electricity usage.

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Usage & Emissions Data

Here you can see your average daily usage in kWh for the past 12 months, as well your emissions. Remember all your energy usage is 100% Carbon Offest with Amber


Usage Comparison

This chart can help compare your usage to households of similar sizes.


Bill Payment - BPay

Do you want to pay with BPay? Here you can find all the details on how to pay your bill and what day we will need the payment by.

Got any questons? See all amber faqs.

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