Terms and conditions - Amber SA SmartShift™ Battery Guarantee

Amber SA SmartShift™ Battery Guarantee

We guarantee that a customer’s annual bill with the Amber SmartShift™ offer for batteries will be $300 lower than a pre-agreed market retail offer of your choice that is currently available in SA from another retailer at the time of entering into this arrangement with Amber.

Amber will calculate this at 12 months and credit the difference to your Amber account, if the customer’s bill after 12 months is not at least $300 less than it would have been on the pre-agreed retail offer for comparison.

The guarantee applies to the retail offer as defined in the Basic Plan Information Document for the pre-agreed retail offer for comparison.
Limited to the first 50 Amber customers who sign up to SmartShift with a battery in SA.

For exports, the guarantee includes all payments the customer actually receives for exports from the customer’s premises up to 2500kWh of exported energy, after which the customer’s exports will earn a FiT calculated according to average wholesale prices as published by Amber from time-to-time; minimum battery size of 9.5kWh.

To see full terms and conditions of the guarantee click here.

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