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Why choose Amber?

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Be empowered with the Amber app

Get a full view of renewables, prices and your usage with the Amber app. We say the more power in your hands the better!

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Greener = cheaper with wholesale

Not only do we make it easier to help you use more renewables — you can actually save heaps!

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We make $0 off your usage

Seriously. We make nothing off your usage. All we charge is a $22/mth subscription to cover our costs.

Amber is a win for the planet and your wallet

Did you know: energy is cheaper when there’s more solar and wind energy in the grid?

That’s where we come in. Amber is a new way to power your home for less while helping to power a more renewable future.

Instead of profiting off your usage (like other energy companies), we only charge a $22 monthly subscription to give you access to wholesale energy prices - meaning you pay less when you use more renewable power.

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Switch to a new kind of energy company

Save with cheaper wholesale prices while supporting a greener Australia
Easily track your usage, prices, and renewable forecasts with the Amber app
Keep saving simple with in-app billing and custom price notifications
All with no retail markups for just a flat $22/month subscription

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