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Eligible NSW customers can earn a bonus 26.6c/kWh on exports during peak times with Amber for Batteries and Ausgrid’s two-way tariff.

Earn More For Your Exports with
Amber + Ausgrid

With Amber’s wholesale pricing model, solar battery customers can earn more for their exports during periods of peak demand. But it gets even better: the new Ausgrid two-way tariff also gives you an additional bonus FiT of 26.6c/kWh for exporting during certain times of day.

The upshot for you? With Amber + Ausgrid, you can seriously power up your FiT.

Read how Gareth ended up $767 in credit after five months with Amber in Ausgrid.

What is the ausgrid tariff?

A number of new tariffs are being trialled across Australia to help incentivise Aussies to create a more sustainable, cost-effective grid.

The Ausgrid tariff is a trial residential two-way tariff where solar battery customers earn an additional feed-in bonus when they:

  • import less energy between 2-8pm every day
  • export less energy between 10am-2pm every day
  • export more energy between 2-8pm every day.

The current tariff trial will run until 30 June 2024.


We're firm believers in the power that everyday Aussies have to make a positive climate impact.

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Amber customers who usually export stored energy into the grid in the 2pm-8pm window can seriously maximise their earnings with the Ausgrid tariff - earning the full wholesale rate of your energy exports as well as an additional 26.6¢/kWh.

Amber’s SmartShift™ tech also analyses your solar generation, energy usage, and wholesale prices to help you earn more for your exports and pay less for your usage - all while supporting a greener, more reliable energy grid.

The tariff does include a 2.19¢/kWh charge for solar exports between 10AM-2PM, but Amber’s battery automation will minimise exports at this time, and maximise exports during the peak window.


Join Amber for Batteries

Simply sign up to Amber and let us know that you want to be enrolled into Amber for Batteries.


Join the new tariff

One of our team members will reach out to you to get you switched over to the tariff. Feel free to also contact  info@amber.com.au with any further questions.


Power up your earnings!

Start enjoying Amber’s wholesale FiT + Ausgrid’s 27.8¢!


As an Amber customer, not only do you get the full 26.6¢ per kWh of the two-way tariff, you also earn the wholesale feed-in price of your energy. So if the wholesale price in NSW between 2PM-8PM is:

  • 0¢ per kWh, you’d earn 26.6¢/kWh
  • 10¢ per kWh, you’d earn 36.6¢ per/kWh
  • 30¢ per kWh, you’d earn 56.6¢ per/kWh

Want to get a better idea of how much you could earn with Amber and the Ausgrid two-way Tariff? Check out our pricing page here.


‘No worse off’ guarantee

Amber performs a quarterly review to make sure your bills have been better off on the new tariff. But if they haven’t, Ausgrid will payout the difference which will be applied to your Amber bill as a credit. If you are unhappy with the new tariff structure, you can just reach out to us and we’ll get you transferred back to your old tariff.

Making it work for you

It’s not about reducing your energy usage - it’s all about shifting your load. Use your energy heavy appliances (washing, drying, pool pump, EV/bike/tool charging, etc.) between 10AM-2PM to avoid exporting. Minimise energy use after 2PM in order to allow more exports in the afternoon - and higher earnings!

Only available in NSW

This tariff is only currently available in eligible NSW postcodes. If you’re not in an eligible postcode, you can still use Amber for Batteries to benefit from wholesale prices and Amber’s SmartShift™ automation technology, but not the Ausgrid 2-way tariff.


Dean Corcoran’s story.

“Ausgrid provided some incentive to change our behaviours in how we manage energy in our home. I found the incentives very rewarding - ultimately moving from a break even position on my bill with solar and battery to cash positive. Doing what was right for the environment and the energy network is a win-win!”

Bill Credit


(Oct 1 - Nov 27 2022)

12kW Solar,
2 x Tesla Powerwall 2

Adam Sloan, NSW

“The Ausgrid two-way tariff plus Amber has been an absolute game-changer! I charge my Powerwall 2's and Tesla Model 3 prior to 2PM, then Amber for Batteries has really helped me optimise my Powerwalls during the afternoon to amplify my earnings - leaving me in credit by nearly $700 for the first two months!“.

Bill Credit


(Oct 1 - Nov 27 2022)

12kW Solar,
2 x Tesla Powerwall 2

Is your system eligible?

To get the most out of Amber for Batteries and Ausgrid’s trial tariff, you’ll need an eligible battery. Head here to see the full list of battery brands we currently support.

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