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Amber Electric Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria are available on the Amber website www.amber.com.au/terms

By clicking on any links directing to the Amber website and commencing the sign-up process, Amber will collect and handle your personal information under their collection notices and privacy policy as outlined on their website.

To redeem this offer, sign-up to Amber by clicking ‘Join Amber’, link your CommBank Awards Credit Card as your Amber account payment method and ensure you complete all eligibility requirements.

^ Offer includes 10k Awards points and 12 months free Amber subscription (usual cost $19 per month, total value of offer $180), plus a Guarantee that you will be better off with Amber over the course of 12-months as compared to your previous provider. This offer is only redeemable by customers who directly receive this communication from CommBank and who sign-up via clicking ‘Join Amber’ by 18/05/2022, link their CommBank Awards Credit Card as their Amber account payment method, and make their first bill payment to Amber for an amount greater than $1.00 via their CommBank Awards card by 18/08/2022. This offer is subject to the full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria available at www.amber.com.au/terms.

The earning and redemption of CommBank Awards points are subject to the CommBank Awards Program Terms and Conditions, available here. Points are earned on eligible transactions (excludes for example BPAY transaction, cash advances, balance transfers and payments to the Australian Taxation Office unless made using a Business Awards card) and are subject to points capping. Awards and the number of points required for Awards are subject to change at any time without notice.Bonus Points offer applies to CommBank Awards customers available between 18 February 2022 and 18 May 2022 inclusive who sign up to new 12 month Amber subscription, plus a Guarantee with Amber over the course of 12-months. Bonus points will be earned on one subscription only and will appear on your credit card statement within 90 days of you meeting the eligibility criteria and making your first transaction. Customers who meet all other eligibility requirements but do not make a payment to Amber via their CommBank Awards Credit Card by 18/08/2022 due to having negative bills, or billing being delayed due to smart meter installation or Amber delays should reach out to Amber directly and may receive a similar, equivalent offer value in lieu of Awards points. Customers who sign up with this Offer and meet all other eligibility requirements will receive the Guarantee and 12 months free Amber subscription.

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