Have your climate cake and eat it too

When it comes to going green, Amber's doing energy differently.

Get access to wholesale energy prices that drop when there are more renewables in the grid, so you're empowered to save while doing right by the planet.

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Amber app on an iPhoneAmber app on an iPhone

Amber Electric is enabling a better life and environment.
Amber Electric is enabling a better life and environment. Amber Electric is enabling me to better utilise their energy consumption and how I impact my environment. I use Home Automation (Home Assistant) to manage my home. Amber Electric provides continuous current and forward looking energy price & consumption data that I use to change the way I live efficiently and effectively. I have not found another energy provider that does this.
Alfred, sydney
They are seemingly delivering whats promised. Only been with them for 3 months no plans to change provider. Supporting Green energy is a great feeling.
Great being with a power company that is environmentally friendly, also at a reduced rate due to wholesale prices. Staff member I spoke to was very helpful.
This is a good move that I did from my other power supply company, with the app I can see in real time what is the cost of power that I will be charged.
Amber saves me money. I love being able to see the cost of electricity broken down into 30 min chunks (eg 14c at 9.30am, 15c at 10am). That information has helped me move my electricity heavy appliance use (oven, washing machine, dryer, etc) to the cheapest times in the day which saves me money. My electricity bills used to be $500 - $600 a quarter and with Amber they are easily half that. The app is wonderful, their service is wonderful - Amber is worth the switch.
Great prices and great visibility on how you can optimise your use of greenest energy! 
Energy Mindfulness in action!
Great being with a power company that is environmentally friendly, also at a reduced rate due to wholesale prices. Staff member I spoke to was very helpful.
Great prices and great visibility on how you can optimise your use of greenest energy! 
Energy Mindfulness in action!

Frequently asked questions

How does Amber work?

When it comes to going green, Amber’s doing energy differently.

With Amber, a $15 monthly subscription fee empowers you to access wholesale energy prices that drop when there are more renewables in the grid.

With the Amber app, you can save even more by shifting your usage to greener, cheaper times. And by ‘save’, we mean cash and the climate.

Renewable energy is now the cheapest form of power. Our mission is to transition Australia to 100% renewables.

Do you offer Carbon Neutral or 100% GreenPower Plans?

Amber’s whole model is about going beyond offsetting, to incentivise and reward people for shifting WHEN they use power. With Amber, you are empowered to use energy when it is greenest (and cheapest).

In the meantime, the best we can all do is offset any remaining unavoidable carbon emissions from our electricity use. We have two plans to choose from to help you do that:

  1. Carbon Neutral plan (default plan): we offset the carbon produced in generating your electricity by buying Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), recognised under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). These are generated by international sustainability developments which reduce CO2 emissions. The prices displayed on our website and on our app already include the cost of providing this carbon offset, which only turns out to be 0.1 cents/kWh excl GST.
  2. 100% GreenPower plan: GreenPower is a government-accredited scheme that enables consumers to buy ‘certificates’ generated by renewable energy sources which can offset usage from the grid. In other words, rather than buying general carbon offsets which could come from a range of different projects - tree planting or wetland restoration, for example - you will specifically offset your unavoidable carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy generation. 

Through the GreenPower scheme renewable generators are awarded certificates when they generate electricity, and consumers buy these certificates to offset their consumption. This essentially gives renewable energy a price premium over dirty sources, to encourage more development of renewable sources.

The cost of 100% GreenPower scheme is an additional charge per kWh added to the price you pay for energy. Check our pricing factsheets to view current GreenPower pricing for your network.

How does Amber make money?

The big energy retailers earn their money via the retail markup they add to the price of electricity. They make more money when you use more electricity, and when your bills are higher. What’s good for them is bad for you.

We reckon we’ve found a better way to do things. We charge a flat $15 subscription fee to cover the cost of running our business, so we can focus on one thing - helping you lower your electricity bills by unlocking the value of cheap renewables. No hidden costs, no contracts, and no exit fees.

What is the onboarding process?

We understand changing electricity retailers is not something you do everyday. Fortunately, it is pretty easy and you won't lose power at any stage in the onboarding process!

After you have signed up online (it only takes 3 minutes), we will take care of everything for you:

1. Meter read: We contact your provider and arrange the final meter read.

2. Smart meter: If you don’t have a smart meter, we’ll get our partner to put one in for you at no cost.

3. Amber app: Download the free Amber app and start viewing live prices and get insights on your energy usage.

And if you change your mind during the 10-day cooling off period, you can easily switch back to your old retailer.

Do I need a smart meter? How much does it cost?

Having a smart meter enables you to see detailed usage data in the Amber app, which means you can be charged the exact wholesale electricity price for your usage as at each 30 minute interval, so you can be rewarded for using power at cheaper and greener times.

Without a smart meter, we can only pass through the typical wholesale rates in your area, because we can't see the times when you used power.

We attempt to install a smart meter for every Amber customer who doesn't already have one. Around 90% of the time we're able to successfully install a smart meter at no additional cost.

But for 5% - 10% of customers there may be some additional works required to create a safe environment for the meter install to take place. If this is the case, we'll explain any additional works that are required, and their cost and you'll always have the option not to proceed and to remain on a basic meter or interval meter if you choose, and will continue to receive Amber's typical wholesale rates.

How can I keep track of wholesale prices?

We provide a forecast to help customers who want to plan their electricity usage. If you have a power hungry appliance such as a dishwasher, all it takes is a quick look at the Amber app to see whether it's a good time to turn it on. Small changes to your routine can have a big impact on your bill.

Who owns Amber? Who are Amber's investors?

Amber was founded by two Aussie mates, Chris Thompson and Dan Adams in December 2017 with the goal of using new technologies to benefit customers and build a more sustainable world. Amber is owned by Chris & Dan, Amber’s employees, and our investors.

All Amber staff are granted shares when they join the team. They are passionate about climate impact and take deep ownership and responsibility in driving Amber’s mission forward.

Amber is backed by Australia’s leading VCs (including Square Peg Capital and Main Sequence Ventures), impact-focused investors and individuals, and most recently by CommBank.

CommBank’s investment and partnership will enable us to fast-track our mission through developing our technology faster and reaching more people sooner. With a million Amber customers we could shift enough demand to replace an entire coal fired power station with wind and solar farms.

The CBA partnership allows us to take the customer base of CBA on the renewables journey with us: Amber will offer services and discounted pricing to CBA customers over time and also collaborate with CBA to provide low-cost finance for household batteries, electric vehicle (EV) chargers and other smart devices.

Learn more about Amber's founders and team here