Let your pool GO GREEN this summer
(And feel great about it!)

Did you know pool pumps alone can account for 30% of your total annual household energy use¹, with energy costs adding up to between $660 and $1000 a year² - and most of those costs hit in SUMMER, when the grid is already under pressure!

Amber is a new type of energy retailer that gives you access to wholesale electricity prices so you can now run your pool at the cheapest AND greenest times - when there are more renewables in the grid.

Hear what our customer Heidi had to say

“With Amber we’ve saved up to 30% on our energy bill, which is huge money for us.” - Heidi Johns, SA.

Our mission: to save your money while you
save the climate

Amber is an energy retailer on a mission to take Australia
to 100% renewables.
We’re letting Aussies in on the secret that renewables are now cheaper than fossil-fuelled power. By taking advantage of this cheaper and greener way to power their homes, Aussies are taking action at home to accelerate our shift towards net zero - while saving money too!

And it's RISK FREE: no lock-in contracts, no exit fees, and no nonsense!

Here's how it works:

A graph showing the average wholesale electricity price throughout the day, with the cheapest times highlighted as the times when the most renewable energy is available

Amber is already making a splash in SA

“I love having an app that lets me make the most of cheaper and greener wholesale energy rates. My pool currently runs on 76% renewables, and I’ve saved over 35% on my power bills since switching over to Amber!”
- Dimitri, SA.

Ready to pump up your pool savings?

Step 1

Join Amber for a simple flat fee of just $15 a month (less than the cost of a coffee each week!) to access electricity at wholesale energy prices that drop when there are more renewables surging in the grid. You can even get paid to use energy!

Step 2

Use the Amber App to get insights into when energy is greenest and cheapest - and save on your energy bills by making savvy choices about when to run your pool pump and other energy-hungry devices.

Already a customer? Fill out this form to join the program!

Photo of Clare Rainbow, Special Projects Manager at Amber.

Clare Rainbow
Special Projects Manager

Clare is available to answer any questions you have, talk all things energy, feed-in tariffs and nerdy tech stats!

¹ https://www.energy.gov.au/households/household-guides/life-stages-advice/outdoor-living-guide
² https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/energy-and-environment/using-saving-energy/swimming-pools-and-spas