switch your enerGy for the planet and your pocket - Cheaper, Greener, no brainer!

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Introducing Amber, an energy provider that lets you save your wallet and the planet.

We’re on a mission to accelerate Australia’s transition to 100% renewables. We do this by selling energy to customers at the wholesale price that mean you can take advantage of Australia’s best kept secret: energy that’s greener AND cheaper.

PLUS - because you're in SA, you could save up to an additional $400 a year on your energy bills with Amber by using our SmartShift™ technology to automatically run certain home devices at the cheapest and greenest times each day - including electric hot water systems, pool pumps and certain home batteries.

It’s a win for your wallet and the planet - with up to $75 sign up bonus!

You and your mate both get $45 off your Amber bill if you sign up to Amber before 15th November, and if you decide to sign up to SmartShift™ too - you both get a further $30 off your bill.

Amber puts the power in your hands to save more

When you join Amber:

  1. You’ll help accelerate the drive to 100% renewables because Amber empowers customers to shift their usage to when cheaper renewables are generating
  2. You’ll save money. A typical Amber customer can save hundreds off their electricity bill per year
  3. You'll have access to the Amber app, giving you the power to shift your energy usage when there are cheaper renewables in the grid
  4. AND the ability to cut your energy costs whilst doing right by the planet

As a reward and thank you to you (and your friend), your first months' subscription fee is on us.

Sign up only take 3-5 minutes ⏰ ⚡️ 

We have no lock-in contracts and no exit fees.

Amber offer currently available in VIC, ACT, NSW, SE QLD, SA. With SmartShift™ offer currently only available in SA.

Joining Amber + SmartShift™ takes just minutes

  1. Simply click ‘Join Amber’
  2. Add your details and enter your friend’s referral code
  3. Add your billing info
  4. Let us know what devices you have to start onboarding for SmartShift™ - and you're done! 🙌

We contact your energy provider so you can be rest assured that you won't lose power during the onboarding process.

Join Amber

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