PoWer the RENEWABLE energy revolution

Start powering Australia’s shift to 100% renewables today with Amber.

Our wholesale model rewards everyday energy customers for using greener energy, and empowers solar and battery owners to get the most value out of their exports.

Take control of your energy use

Renewables are now the cheapest form of energy. Amber’s model enables you to shift more of your energy use to when power is both greener and cheaper. 

Maximise your green power use

While we offer the same carbon neutral plans as other energy providers, our model helps you reduce your emissions and use more renewables.

Green power in
your hands

The Amber app helps you be rewarded for using renewables. Use it to keep track of your energy use and receive notifications from us so you can shift your usage to greener and cheaper times.


Greener energy

Amber empowers you to use more green energy. Plus, by using renewables today you’re helping build demand for more green energy tomorrow.

Wholesale rates

Amber enables you to access the true cost of electricity. With wholesale rates you're rewarded for using energy during greener times.

Real-time data

Use the Amber app to access your usage history and see live updates on renewables, wholesale prices and your live solar FiT.

The downlow on renewable energy

Find out how to use more green energy when it is available - plus why this is the fastest way for Australia to reach a 100% renewable future.

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