Terms and conditions

The below Terms and Conditions apply to customers of the Amber energy product provided by Amber Electric Pty Ltd (an authorised energy retailer).

Market Terms and Conditions - These are the terms that apply when you join Amber.

Direct Debit Terms - These terms are for customers who pay by Direct Debit.

Concessions Terms - If Government concessions or rebates are applied to your account, they're covered by these terms.

Life Support Terms - If you have a life support equipment, you're covered by these terms.

Hardship Policies - Our policies for customers experiencing hardship can be found here.

Complaints Policy - If you would like to make a complaint, find out how to do so with this link.

Privacy Policy - Find our detailed Privacy Policy.

Family Violence Policy - Find our detailed Family Violence Policy.

Standing offer - Amber's standing offer terms and conditions can be found using this link.

Amber SA SmartShift™ Battery Guarantee - Find our detailed SmartShift™ guarantee terms.

Previous (Energy Locals) Terms and Conditions - Prior to December 2021, the Amber energy product was provided to customers by Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879, a licensed electricity retailer. You can find details of these terms at this link.

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