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New Terms and conditions - Post 01 Dec 2021

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Prior to 01 December 2021, the Amber energy product is provided to customers by Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879, a licensed electricity retailer. After 01 December 2021, the Amber energy product will be provided to customers directly by Amber Electric Pty Ltd ABN 98 623 603 805.

The below Terms and Conditions apply to customers of the Amber energy product after 01 December 2021. You can find the earlier
Terms and Conditions for prior to 01 December 2021 here.

Market Terms and Conditions - These are the terms that apply after 01 December 2021 to purchase the Amber energy product directly from Amber Electric Pty Ltd.

Direct Debit Terms - These terms are for customers who pay by Direct Debit.

Concessions Terms - If Government concessions or rebates are applied to your account, they're covered by these terms.

Life Support Terms - If you have a life support equipment, you're covered by these terms.

Hardship Policies - Our policies for customers experiencing hardship can be found here.

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