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Before we change the world together...

If you have a battery, join Amber and sign up to our SmartShift program.

You can support the QLD energy grid and earn $ by automatically discharging your solar power when wholesale prices are at their highest. If you’ve charged your battery during cheaper and greener times, you’ll be adding to the renewables in the grid too.

No battery? Register here and we’ll remind you to join Amber in Autumn 2022.

This is when we currently expect the QLD energy market to stabilise, and we’d love to welcome you then to experience a greener, cheaper and fairer way to buy power.

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If you still would like to join now, get ready to shift your usage for the planet.

Reducing your usage of power-hungry appliances during peak times is a huge opportunity to keep savings in your own pocket rather than contributing to the profits of fossil fuel companies. Amber is here to help you manage wholesale price spikes, we've got your back in two big ways.

1) We’ll alert you in the Amber app whenever the wholesale price is much higher than usual, so you can reduce your usage (think: not using your aircon or washing machine).

2) We guarantee that you'll never pay more than the government reference price for power on average over the course of a year, or we'll refund the difference.

The more Aussies we can empower to use energy when there are more renewables in the grid, the faster we’ll transition to 100% renewables - and stop fossil fuel generators lining their pockets by driving up prices.

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