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An update on joining Amber

If you have solar and/or a battery,
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With Amber you’re in a prime position to reap the financial rewards of higher wholesale prices.

If you export more energy than you use, you could maximise your returns on your energy exports and shift profits away from fossil fuels - accelerating the pay off on your energy setup and the renewable transition. 

With 150,000 batteries in Australia we could displace three power stations.

Switch to Amber today to make a bigger financial and climate impact.

No battery or solar?
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In the short term, most homes without solar or a battery may be better off financially with a traditional electricity retailer. However, many retailers have been raising their prices since the new financial year began.

In the long run, we’ve seen that most energy users are better off buying wholesale power, typically being rewarded with cheaper bills when the market is normalised.

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