Get a fairer FiT with Amber

Fed up with your energy company’s FiT? That’s because most energy retailers are happy to stick you with a low feed-in tariff and high usage cost. But at Amber, our dynamic energy prices help solar and battery customers get more value from your exports and pay less for your usage.

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Don’t Waste Your Solar

Maximise Value

It’s time to take your savings to the next level. By drawing power from the grid when wholesale prices are low and using your stored power when they’re high, a solar battery system can help you earn more value with Amber.

Displace Fossil Fuels

A solar battery can help power Australia’s transition to 100% renewables. By using stored battery power when there aren’t as many renewables in the grid, you can help reduce demand for fossil fuels and keep cash away from coal and gas.

You’re In Charge

With Amber, power is in your hands. Our app helps you see when energy is greenest and when it’s most expensive. It also provides breakdowns of your usage - giving you more power, over your power.


Supercharge Your Savings with SMARTSHIFT™

Think of Amber’s wholesale pricing as an engine that can help you drive up your savings, and our SmartShift™ platform lets you take the wheel to go even further - helping you get a fairer FiT for your energy.

SmartShift puts as much power in your hands as possible. You can choose to automatically export power to the grid when wholesale prices are high and charge when prices are low, or take direct control of your battery via the Amber app.

Some SmartShift™ customers can earn between $50-$90 a day during high price periods and help cut Australia’s demand for coal and gas.

SmartShift™ is currently compatible with Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge battery and LG Chem batteries with a SolarEdge inverter. If yours isn’t listed, join the waitlist here — we’re always adding more!

Take a cut of your export earnings
You get the full upside of your exports
Automation based on what’s good for the provider
Automation based on what’s good for your home
Can't customise preferences
Choose automation preferences that best suit your needs
Limited control over your battery
Fully-automate or take manual control of your battery
Charges and discharges at a fixed feed-in rate
Charges when prices are low and discharges when prices are high

What our SmartShift™ customers are saying

"The benefits you get from Amber’s wholesale prices are extra sweet when you add solar and a battery into the mix. My bill was $76 in credit after one price spike and it was nice knowing I was helping the grid at the same time. It’s a definite win-win."

Shaun Cunniffe, SA


"I’ve made $220 in two months selling power from my two Powerwall batteries, which are automated with SmartShift. That includes $87 in credit in one night when SmartShift discharged my batteries during a price spike. If I include the cost of the electricity haven’t had to buy, I believe that over the last two months I’ve saved around $400"

Adam Sloan, NSW


“Combining Amber’s SmartShift with my battery and wholesale prices earned me $70 in one day, during a single price spike event"

Chris Morris, SA

Common questions we get asked

How does Amber’s wholesale pricing work?

In Australia, the wholesale price of electricity is often cheapest when there are lots of renewables in the grid. With Amber, you get access to this wholesale price to help you save on power while driving additional demand for renewable energy in Australia.

How does Amber work with my battery?

With Amber, you’re able to use your battery power during peak times when demand on the grid is higher, energy is dirtier, and the wholesale price tends to be more expensive. And you can save even more if you're able to control your battery to charge from the grid when wholesale prices are low, or export to the grid when wholesale prices are high.

How do I track my FiT?

Your FiT with Amber is always the true value of your energy on the marketplace and you’re able to track this in real-time, any time, via the Amber app. Not only can you see when prices dip and it’s cheaper to draw from the grid, but you can also stay on top of when the FiT skyrockets and you can earn big for your exports.

Does Amber’s SmartShift™ take a cut of my export earnings?

Nope! Unlike traditional VPPs (Virtual Power Plant), Amber’s SmartShift™ passes on the full financial upside of exporting your energy into the wholesale market and leaves you in full control of your battery too. It’s your energy, so we think you deserve to get as much value as you can out of it!

Is SmartShift™ fully-automated?

SmartShift™ is automated to optimise your home batteries based on your preferences. But, you’re also able to take control of your battery via the Amber app to manually charge and discharge whenever you want.