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Amber is a new way to power your home that’s better for the planet and your wallet. Instead of profiting off your usage, we only charge a $15 monthly subscription to give you access to wholesale energy prices - meaning you pay less when you use more renewable energy.

Join Amber using a CommBank credit card, debit card or bank account as your bill payment method and get 6 free months’ subscription ($90 discount).

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Why switch to Amber?

6 month free subscription - ($90 discount)

If you're a CommBank customer switching over to Amber, you will receive a 6 month free subscription fee to Amber.

AMBER is better for batteries

Amber’s wholesale prices make it easy to get more value from your battery. Charge when energy is cheaper and greener energy to maximise your savings and reduce demand for fossil fuels.

Control your costs and carbon footprint

Get empowered to tap into the real cost of energy through our mobile app, so you can save even more by shifting your usage to greener, cheaper times.


Shifting your usage isn’t the only way to help power a 100% renewable Australia. If you’re a solar battery owner (or thinking about becoming one), our Amber For Batteries platform helps you automate your system to maximise your savings and supercharge a greener grid.

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Switching to Amber is easy


You’re all switched

Good on you for making the most of this exclusive CommBank x Amber offer.

(There are no lock in contracts and no exit fees if you decide Amber’s not for you).

Easy switch

Take 3 minutes to fill out a short form. Use your CommBank card to claim the offer and have your ID at the ready.


Download the App

Start seeing wholesale prices in real time and tracking your energy and renewables usage.


Meter Read

We break up with your retailer and install a smart meter if you need one, at no additional cost.

Rated 4.2 stars for customer services from 330 reviews

Join thousands of Aussies shifting Australia to 100% renewable energy.

Switch to Amber today
Switch to Amber today

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Frequently asked questions

Can I share this Amber discount with friends and family?

Yes, if they are a CommBank customer please feel free to share this link with them, all CommBank customers will receive this discount when signing up to Amber.

This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria.

Who is Amber and why has CommBank partnered with Amber?

Amber is a new type of energy  provider designed to unlock the value of renewables. Our mission is to shift Australia to 100% renewables faster. Go beyond offsetting and use more renewable energy. Amber is headquartered in Melbourne.

This exciting partnership was born out of CommBank’s recognition of the important role Amber plays in moving Australia towards 100% renewable energy - a goal we both strongly believe in. By joining forces in this partnership, we will work together to help more customers to shift their homes onto renewable power and save money on their energy bills. Commbank are also looking at how they can help save customers money with their everyday bills and commitments, and this partnership with Amber is just one of the ways they are continuing to reward their customers.

What happens when my discount period ends?

You'll receive a notice one month prior to your discount ending reminding you that your next month's bill will not show your CommBank staff discount.