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Sign up to Amber and receive a year’s free subscription to Amber. That’s a $180 discount on top of the savings you can make on your home energy bills by tapping into wholesale energy prices.

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Even if you are a few weeks or months away from moving into your new home we can get your energy sorted today. Let us know your move-in date when signing up and we can make sure you’re connected when you move-in.

Why switch to Amber?

Exclusive CommBank customer discount

If you sign up before June 30th, you will receive an exclusive discount of 12 months subscription free Saving you $180 across 12 months.

Greener energy at wholesale prices

With Amber, you can access electricity at wholesale prices that drop when the grid is greener - meaning you get rewarded for using more renewable energy.

Control your costs and carbon footprint

Get empowered to tap into the real cost of energy through our mobile app, so you can save even more by shifting your usage to greener, cheaper times.

Greener = Cheaper

Behind the magic of Amber is one simple truth: renewable energy is now the cheapest form of power. You’re not alone if you didn’t realise - most retailers’ fixed price plans mask this juicy fact.

A $19 subscription fee (waived for twelve months with this CommBank x Amber offer) is all we make - unlike other retailers who profit from how much energy you use.

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After 10 day cooling off period: Transfer complete - you are now officially an Amber customer.


Easy switch

Sign up to Amber in under 5mins and let us know your move-in date.


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Start seeing wholesale prices in real time and tracking your energy and renewables usage.


Switching your power on

We’ll make sure the lights are on the day you move-in (can happen anytime between 9-5pm; in Vic customer has to ensure main switch is in off position during the requested connection day; in states with basic meters access restrictions could impact the connection).

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Still have questions?

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Amber and why has CommBank partnered with Amber?

Amber is a new type of energy  provider designed to unlock the value of renewables. Our mission is to shift Australia to 100% renewables faster. Go beyond offsetting and use more renewable energyAmber is headquartered in Melbourne.

This exciting partnership was born out of CommBank’s recognition of the important role Amber plays in moving Australia towards 100% renewable energy - a goal we both strongly believe in. By joining forces in this partnership, we will work together to help more customers to shift their homes onto renewable power and save money on their energy bills. Commbank are also looking at how they can help save customers money with their everyday bills and commitments, and this partnership with Amber is just one of the ways they are continuing to reward their customers.

I’m not moving just yet, can I still sign up?

Even if you’re not moving into your new property just yet, still click “yes” when asked if you’re moving in to your new property. All you have to do next is give us the date that you would like electricity connected at your new home. To make sure the power is connected when you arrive, it’s a good idea to choose the business day before you move in. Make sure you give us at least three business days notice before the date.

Do I need to do anything to get ready for the power being switched on at the property?

If you are moving into a property in Victoria, you must make sure the main switch on your new property is in the OFF position on the day of your planned connection. If you can’t get to your property before the connection date, it may be a good idea to ask a real estate agent or property manager to do this for you, as we will not be able to complete the connection if the main switch is ON

Can I share this Amber discount with friends and family?

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm, this offer is only available to customers who have received it directly from CommBank and the discount code is uniquely linked to you. This means only you can redeem the discount and it’s valid only once. This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria. However, you’re more than welcome to invite others to join Amber by sending them this link.

What happens when my free subscription period ends?

Once your initial free-subscription period ends after six months, you’ll roll over onto the standard Amber subscription rate of $15 per month. This $15 subscription fee ensures you have direct access to Amber’s wholesale pricing and is the only way that Amber generates revenue - rather than by charging you a retail mark-up on the energy you use.

This subscription fee will automatically be charged to your linked credit/debit card. With no lock-in contracts and no exit fees, you can cancel at any time.