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Amber and CBA are partnering to provide eligible employees an exclusive offer.

Your first 6 months' subscription to Amber, completely free.

Why you should join Amber today

  • Pay wholesale prices - We give you access to the real-time wholesale electricity price as it changes every 30 mins, without the retail markup.
  • Drive more renewables - We enable you to use power when cheap renewables are generating. Plus, we only sell power that’s net zero emissions.
  • Be part of something - The majority of our customers say that they’d recommend us. That’s because our approach is better for both you and the planet.”

What our customers are telling us

  • Energy efficiency - "I love energy efficiency, renewables and watching the transition from fossil fuels and so being able to manage my use of power according to the price and time has been fun". - Malcolm
  • Great savings - "The first two bills have proved that even a small household of two adults like mine with below average energy use can still save money with Amber".        - Niel
  • Everyone should join - "Good customer service. Amazing pricing strategy. Solid environmental philosophy. It may take a little time but I think everyone will eventually move their electricity to this retail model". - Randal
  • Fabulous customer service - "Brilliant concept, fabulous customer service and an opportunity to budget with green power". - Robyn

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It takes just 3 minutes to sign up and switch your energy provider. Switch now to save your wallet and the planet.

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Enjoy 6 months free subscription to Amber ($90 in value), in addition to the savings on your energy bill you can expect to make as an Amber customer.

This offer is only available until August 17th 2021, so copy your promo code below, sign up now and do your bit to help shift Australia to using 100% renewables. It’s a win for your wallet and the planet.

Offer currently available in Vic, ACT, NSW, SE QLD, SA.

It only takes 3 minutes to sign up and switch your energy provider.

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