Become Energy Independent


Take control of your home energy and say goodbye to high bills with a solar and battery system — powered by Amber.

Amber’s unique wholesale model and SmartShift™ technology helps customers bring down energy costs, make serious earnings from exporting solar and drive Australia’s renewable transition.


To be eligible for this offer, you simply need to:

  • Purchase a new solar and battery system or add a battery to an existing solar system through Amber and CommBank
  • Sign up with Amber as your energy provider and join Amber for Batteries to begin automating your battery
  • See below for full offer terms and conditions

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Solar and Batteries Make More Sense With Amber

Amber makes installing solar and a battery easy and our SmartShift™ technology helps owners unlock the full potential of their system.

At Amber, you’ve got full control over your system — and that starts the moment you decide to install your system with us. If you have any questions at all, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Become Energy Independent

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Become Energy Independent

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Become Energy Independent

Terms and Conditions

$500 upfront discount on either a new solar and battery system or new battery to an existing solar system with Amber. Offer also includes 12 months free Amber subscription (valued at $228). 

*To redeem this offer, eligible customers must:

  1. Purchase via Amber either a solar and battery system, or battery to add to an existing solar system; 
  2. Switch to Amber as their energy retailer, use a CommBank bank account, Debit card, Credit card, CommBank Green Loan or CommBank Personal Loan for eligible clean energy products as their payment method to purchase their system, and link their CommBank card or bank account as their account payment method on sign-up to Amber and for the duration of the initial 12 month promotional period. 
  3. You are free to cancel at any time without charge, however cancelling your service within the first 12 months forfeits any remaining discounted subscription-free months 
  4. This offer cannot be transferred to another person or party
  5. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  6. After the 12 month promotional period, you will pay for the cost of electricity at wholesale rates in accordance with Amber’s terms and conditions and the cost of your Amber subscription fee will revert to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) current at that time. 
  7. Offers are limited. Amber and CBA reserves the right to withdraw either offer at any time. 
  8. If you sign up or take up this offer, Amber will be your electricity retailer and will handle all technical enquiries, complaints and servicing. 
  9. Receive communication of this offer directly from CommBank and complete their Amber expression of interest form by 31 March 2024.

Amber’s Feed-in Tariff Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Customers will be eligible to receive $100 cashback if, over their first 12 months as an Amber for Batteries customer, they achieve an average Feed-in Tariff that was lower than any other Feed-in-Tariff available in their network area over the same time period. 
  2. Eligibility for the alternative Feed-in-Tariff offer must not also require purchase of a solar or battery system.
  3. The applicant must also be an Amber for Batteries customer and have SmartShift activated on their battery system for the duration of the 12 month period.

Amber’s $180 welcome credit is subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Offer only available to customers who switch to Amber as their energy retailer and enrol in Amber for Batteries as their battery automation provider.
  2. Sign-up to Amber by clicking ‘Join Amber’, link your CommBank Credit Card or bank account as your Amber account payment method and for the duration of the first 6 months as an Amber customer. 
  3. $180 welcome credit to be paid by Amber in 6 monthly instalments of $30 credit to customer’s Amber account.
  4. If during the time you switch your payment method to a non-CommBank account, or your CommBank card expires, any remaining discount will be void.
  5. You are free to cancel at any time without charge, however cancelling your service within the first 6 months forfeits any remaining credit. 
  6. Offer cannot be transferred to another person or party.
  7. This offer is only valid in conjunction with Amber’s Feed-in Tariff Guarantee and no other offer or discount.