When it comes to going green and saving money, Amber’s doing energy differently. Our wholesale energy model means you can supercharge your solar and battery savings, while powering Australia’s transition to 100% renewables.

Solar + Battery + Amber = Absolute Power Combo

Behind the magic of Amber is one simple truth: renewable energy is now the cheapest form of power. Plus, if you’ve got solar or a battery, you’re primed to maximise your savings with our wholesale price model.

By charging from the grid when prices are cheaper and using your stored power when they’re high, you can get more value from your battery while reducing demand for fossil fuels - keeping cash in your pocket and away from coal and gas.

Unlock your battery's full power with SmartShift™

If you have solar and battery, Amber’s SmartShift™ technology can help you take your savings to the next level. 

With SmartShift™ you get the full wholesale upside of your battery exports, meaning you get paid the same as the big generators. During high pricing periods, some SmartShift™ customers have earned between $50-$90 a day. 

You can also set your battery to autopilot or take full control via the Amber app to get more from your battery - all while powering Australia’s transition to 100% renewables.

Your exclusive CommBank Awards customer offer

As a CommBank Awards customer you have exclusive access to a great offer when you sign up to Amber using your Awards card and code CBAAWARDS23.

  • A bonus 10k Awards points 
  • 12-month free subscription to Amber
    ($180 discount)
  • Access to Amber SmartShift technology to automate your solar and battery setup

Capped electricity costs guaranteed

Amber's an entirely new way to buy and sell electricity. We guarantee that you’ll never pay more than your state’s reference price for energy over the course of a year, or we'll refund the difference.

Own a battery or looking to buy one?

I already own a battery

If you have solar and battery, then you’ve already made a really smart move. And Amber’s SmartShift™ technology can take things to the next level to help you maximise your value.

I’m thinking about buying a battery

Combining a battery with a solar system is one of the best ways to improve your savings - and we’re here to help you make the best decision for your home.

Access cheap wholesale energy prices and boost the renewable energy revolution.
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Our customers love us


Honest, cutting-edge company run by good people. Especially good benefits if you have solar & battery storage at your home.

James Martin

Amber Electric is enabling a better life and environment

Amber Electric is enabling me to better utilise their energy consumption and how I impact my environment. I use Home Automation (Home Assistant) to manage my home. Amber Electric provides continuous current and forward looking energy price & consumption data that I use to change the way I live efficiently and effectively. I have not found another energy provider that does this.

Andrew Danne

What an amazing team.

What an amazing team.
Well done to you all.
A new standard of service with quality, and economy.

Wendy Hazelton


I love energy efficiency, renewables and watching the transition from fossil fuels and so being able to manage my use of power according to the price and time has been fun. At some point I'd like to have an automated system to export power from a battery when the price signals are right.


Frequently asked questions

Can I share this Amber discount with friends andfamily?

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm, this offer is only available to customers who have received it directly from CommBank and the discount code is uniquely linked to you. This means only you can redeem the discount and it’s valid only once. This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria. However, you’re more than welcome to invite others tojoin Amber by sending them this link.

Why have Amber and CommBank partnered together?

This exciting partnership was born out of CommBank’s recognition of the important role Amber plays in moving Australia towards 100% renewable energy - a goal we both strongly believe in.

By joining forces in this partnership, we will work together to help more customers to shift their homes onto renewable power and save money on their energy bills

How does Amber’s wholesale pricing work?

In Australia, the wholesale price of electricity is often cheapest when there are lots of renewables in the grid. With Amber, you get access to this wholesale price to help you save on power while driving additional demand for renewable energy in Australia.

How does Amber work with my battery?

With Amber, you’re able to use your battery power during peak times when demand on the grid is higher, energy is dirtier, and the wholesale price tends to be more expensive. And you can save even more if you're able to control your battery to charge from the grid when wholesale prices are low, or export to the grid when wholesale prices are high.

Why isn’t my CommBank discount code working?

For any issues applying your CommBank customer discount code or signing-up to Amber, contact Amber’s helpful customer service team. Just head on over to our FAQs via the button below and hit the big green Support button.

What happens when my free subscription period ends?

Once your initial free-subscription period ends, you’ll roll over onto the standard Amber subscription rate of $15 per month. This $15 subscription fee ensures you have direct access to Amber’s wholesale pricing and is the only way that Amber generates revenue - rather than by charging you a retail mark-up on the energy you use.

This subscription fee will automatically be charged to your linked credit/debit card. With no lock-in contracts and no exit fees, you can cancel at any time.