A win for your wallet and the planet

When it comes to going green and saving money, Amber’s doing energy differently. Get access to wholesale energy prices that drop when there are more renewables in the grid, so you're empowered to save while doing right by the planet.

The secret is out. Greener = Cheaper

Behind the magic of Amber is one simple truth: renewable energy is now the cheapest form of power. You’re not alone if you didn’t realise - most retailers’ fixed price plans mask this juicy fact.

With Amber, a $15 monthly subscription fee empowers you to tap into the real cost of energy through our mobile app, letting you save even more by shifting your usage to greener, cheaper times. This subscription fee is  all we make from providing you with this service - unlike other retailers who profit from how much energy you use.

Price (¢/kWh)

The magic of the Amber app

Downloading and using the app is the single most important thing you can do to take advantage maximise the benefit of wholesale prices and greener energy.

It’s how we make sure you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to greener energy. Check out daily wholesale price and renewables forecasts to plan your greener, cheaper usage. Get notified by email, push notification, and/or SMS (your choice) if the wholesale price is much higher than usual so you can maximise your savings.

Your exclusive CommBank Awards customer offer

As a CommBank Awards customer you have exclusive access to a great offer when you sign up to Amber using your Awards card and code CBAAWARD22.

  • A bonus 10k Awards points 
  • 12 months free subscription to Amber ($180 discount) 
  • A guarantee that you’ll be better off with Amber than your previously supplier over 12 months^^

How do I join Amber?

It’s 100% free to join Amber - there are no upfront costs when switching.

Sign up online - The sign-up process is 100% online and takes less than 3 minutes, just make sure you have your payment, ID, and concession details ready.

Step 1:

Cooling-Off Period

The cooling-off period is a mandatory process that happens every time you change electricity providers. It lasts 10 business days, so roughly two weeks. We’ll send you welcome emails and updates during this time but if you change your mind in this cooling off period, you can cancel your transfer to Amber. No hard feelings!

Step 2:

Meter Read

After the cooling-off period, Amber goes to work! The first thing we need is to get a meter read so you can get a final bill from your old retailer. If you’ve got a smart meter this will happen within 3-4 days. For other meter types, the timing will depend on your network but we’ll get it done as soon as possible.

Step 3:

You’re all switched

Once we have a meter read, we will let your old provider know that you will be switching across to Amber (that’s right, no sweat off your back here, we do all the breaking up for you). And that’s it, you are now officially an Amber customer.

Step 4:

Download the App

Download the app to start viewing live prices. If you don’t have a smart meter, we’ll get our partner to put one in for you at no cost.

Access cheap wholesale energy prices and boost the renewable energy revolution.
Switch to Amber now

We put our money where our mouth is

(You’ll definitely be better off)

We've got you covered. Most Amber customers save significantly on the national standard (Default Market Offer) over a year. As a CommBank customer, we guarantee that you will definitely be better off than you were with your previous retailer over the year prior to joining Amber, or we’ll credit you the difference.

Our customers love us

I had Amber take over the electricity…

Been with Amber for almost 2 years now and still have not found a cheaper  provider. With effective per kwh rate between 24 and 29 cents monthly (total $ divided by total kwh consumed) they seem to come cheaper than any other retailer. Also their detailed breakdown as it feeds in from the wholesaler allows for lifetime analysis over price movements

Stefan Vutov

Feel valued as a customer

Amber provides excellent customer service to their customers , value for money, their app is technically advance and most importantly Amber is helping us reduce our carbon footprint and use electricity wisely everyday . All thumbs


What an amazing team.

What an amazing team.
Well done to you all.
A new standard of service with quality, and economy.

Wendy Hazelton

Ever since I've been with Amber Electric I've saved hundreds of dollars , because I can choose through the Amber app when to use power hungry electrical goods !
I highly recommend Amber Electric because they are making a difference to our planet!

Frequently asked questions

Can I share this Amber discount with friends and family?

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm, this offer is only available to customers who have received it directly from CommBank and the discount code is uniquely linked to you. This means only you can redeem the discount and it’s valid only once. This offer is subject to Amber’s Terms and Conditions, and eligibility criteria. However, you’re more than welcome to invite others to join Amber by sending them this link.

Why have Amber and CommBank partnered together?

This exciting partnership was born out of CommBank’s recognition of the important role Amber plays in moving Australia towards 100% renewable energy - a goal we both strongly believe in.

By joining forces in this partnership, we will work together to help more customers to shift their homes onto renewable power and save money on their energy bills.

Why isn’t my CommBank discount code working?

For any issues applying your CommBank customer discount code or signing-up to Amber, contact Amber’s helpful customer service team. Just head on over to our FAQs via the button below and hit the big green Support button.

What happens when my free subscription period ends?

Once your initial free-subscription period ends, you’ll roll over onto the standard Amber subscription rate of $15 per month. This $15 subscription fee ensures you have direct access to Amber’s wholesale pricing and is the only way that Amber generates revenue - rather than by charging you a retail mark-up on the energy you use.

This subscription fee will automatically be charged to your linked credit/debit card. With no lock-in contracts and no exit fees, you can cancel at any time.

How do I claim the guarantee?

To be eligible for the guarantee, each CommBank customer who is transferring to Amber must:

1. continue to be an Amber customer for a full 12 month period;
2. be at the same connection address or in the same local network area as registered previously with previous electricity provider;
3. at the end of the 12 months if the customer would have paid less under their plan with previous electricity provider, the customer should send Amber a bill from their previous electricity provider (if they haven't previously).

Amber will calculate what the customer would have paid with previous electricity provider and refund the difference between their actual Amber bill and the amount they are likely to have paid with previous electricity provider.

To apply for the credit, send a bill from your previous electricity provider to info@amber.com.au with the subject line CommBank customer guarantee and if you are eligible, Amber will credit your next month's bill.