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Your home battery was a big investment.

SmartShift™ puts paying it off on autopilot.

In fact, for a limited time we have a BEST IN MARKET GUARANTEE - we guarantee your new annual energy bill with Amber and SmartShift™ will be $300 lower than any competing in-market offer - or we’ll credit you the difference.
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Save money, control your usage and have a positive impact on the environment.

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SmartShift™ is Amber’s newest technology, designed to accelerate our transition to 100% renewables by automating your home battery and other devices.

Amber is an energy provider that offers Aussies like you a cheaper and greener way to power your home.

Diagram of price compare to the time of day. Amber's SmartShift technology can automatically discharge your home battery when the wholesale price is expensive.

SmartShift™ automatically optimises your home battery to deliver big savings in two key ways:


It minimises your everyday electricity costs by charging your battery when wholesale prices are negative and renewables are generating.


It maximises the value of your exported energy by discharging your battery when wholesale prices are at their highest.

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Discover why SmartShift™ is the future for S.A. battery owners.

S.A. Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

“Households and small businesses are set to be the big winners from the smart technology being trialled by Amber Electric.”S.A. Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Access cheaper renewable energy with our app

Ready to optimise your home battery?

Step 1

Join Amber for a simple flat fee of just $19 per month to access electricity at wholesale energy prices.

Step 2

Opt in for 12 months free access to SmartShift™ to automatically maximise returns from your battery.

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SmartShift™ is currently compatible with the following batteries.

If yours isn’t listed, join the waitlist here, or book a call and just ask us — we’re always adding more!

Image of a Telsa Powerwall home battery
You could save up to $200 - $400 a year on your power bills through our SmartShift™ Tesla Powerwall optimisations.
Our integration with Tesla Powerwall will allow you to create more value from your Tesla Powerwall by automating it based on the wholesale energy price with Amber. Our SmartShift™ technology is designed to minimise your electricity costs and maximise the value of your exported energy.
LG Chem Home Battery
Leverage our SmartShift™ technology integration with your LG Chem Energy Storage System to get total control over your energy bill.

By putting your usage on autopilot, based on the wholesale energy price, you can minimise your electricity costs and maximise the value of your exported energy without lifting a finger.
Photo of Clare Rainbow, Special Projects Manager at Amber.

Clare Rainbow
Special Projects Manager

Clare is available to answer any questions you have, talk all things energy, feed-in tariffs and nerdy tech stats!

Need to know more?

We've put together some handy links below to help you learn more about how Amber's SmartShift™ Beta works. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website please get in touch.

Do I need to be an Amber customer to be part of the SmartShift™ Beta?

Yes, you do. That's because SmartShift™ is only possible if you're paying Amber's varying wholesale power prices, which allow you to save by using power at cheaper and greener times. To participate in the SmartShift™ Beta program we'll ask you to switch to Amber for a minimum commitment of 12 months. This helps us make sure we have enough time to get you up and running and get data on your results.

How does SmartShift™ optimise home batteries?

Supported home batteries can connect to the SmartShift™ algorithm remotely, so there's no need for a physical device. SmartShift™ optimises batteries to discharge at times when the wholesale price is more expensive than usual, lowering the overall cost of your energy usage. That's because you'll be using power from the grid at times when energy is cheaper and greener, and using power from your battery at times when energy is more expensive. You'll be able to see how SmartShift™ is optimising your battery, and how much it's saving you, using the Amber app.

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