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We have launched in VIC, QLD, ACT, NSW and SA.

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Terms and conditions

Customers Members of the community of the Partner and such other persons as may be related or connected to the Partner’s community
Commencement Date The date of execution of the Letter by the Partner or the date the Partner otherwise accepts the Terms
Payment The amount payable by Amber Electric to the Partner as set out in the Letter
End Date Ongoing, until terminated by either party
Letter The letter sent from Amber Electric to the Partner setting out the brief details of the promotion
Materials - Social media content for Partner social media
- Content for direct marketing
- Website content for Partner website
- Other material and information as may be reasonably required
Partner The entity to whom the Letter was sent
Product Grid-supplied electricity
Services The provision of the Materials to the Partner
Provision of reasonable support services to enable the Partner to promote the Product to Customers

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